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✨ Nominated for 12th ✨

1stMay 24, 2022 by Brookie0126
I can't say I'm surprised LOL

My entire Tengaged experience has never been about winning. It's been about making connections with the cast and genuinely getting to know them to form lasting friendships because at the end of the day what brings everyone back to this site are the people we've grown to know and love. Coming into this game, I was warned by a variety of people that it would be an uphill battle to win due to several popularity threats being in a cast of (going to quote the wise  benp428 here) "NPC's." Despite knowing this information, sitting back and playing coy while a group of men decide the sets was not in my agenda because at the end of the day, if I was evicted I wanted to know that I tried to make moves and went out swinging.

The rumors were flying that salmaan and #benp428 were running things. Therefore, my first decision was to take one of them out. I rallied the majority to nominate them both. Although this move was successful on my end, and secured Ben's eviction, there was a rat in the majority. Rperduex11 and I had began to create a very nice friendship throughout the first 24 hours of the game, so when it came back that he had informed Ben of my plan and was campaigning to get me nominated, I have to admit that I was quite shocked because I did not expect this from him considering how a few hours earlier he was saying how Ben and Sal's arrogance made him sick and he wanted them out. I suppose when you're a free-thinking, independent woman who tries to make moves you're seen as a threat or a liability despite you trying to look out for your entire alliance.

Once Ben's fate was sealed, I had every intention of stepping into the background to allow someone else to become a target before me; however, lil Ronnie was campaigning to nominate two of my close allies Semnome and Cadden and I couldn't sit back and allow them to be picked off. Therefore, the plan of nominating Ronnie was set in motion. As I campaigned in everyone's pm's, majority of the cast informed me how tired they were of Ronnie's antics and how they couldn't stand him, yet somehow here I am. Clearly, we have several rats, and I have my eyes on them.

Tengaged, I need your help. Vote me back into the game so I can continue to attempt to shake things back up. My high heels aren't just for looking pretty on a Sunday morning, they're for stomping rats in Stars, as well 😘

Best of luck, Monica1623! It's been a pleasure playing this game with you, and I hope for the best for whichever one of us survives! We'll be TG sisters for life! 👯‍♀️💞


Plussed and saved!
Sent by islandman22,May 24, 2022
islandman22 you're the best, zack 💞
Sent by Brookie0126,May 24, 2022
Sent by kingjames13,May 24, 2022
I love you❤️
Sent by BrianGonzalez,May 24, 2022
Sent by tharealmike,May 24, 2022
++’d and saved ❤️
Sent by bbfanuk_reborn,May 24, 2022
Aww gl brooke <3
Sent by Rebelman2227,May 24, 2022
queen <3
Sent by Vixens,May 24, 2022
Never state my name in public again
Sent by salmaan,May 24, 2022
salmaan what are you gonna do?
Sent by Brookie0126,May 24, 2022

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