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✨ Nominated for 12th ✨ May 24, 2022
I can't say I'm surprised LOL

My entire Tengaged experience has never been about winning. It's been about making connections with the cast and genuinely getting to know them to form lasting friendships because at the end of the day what brings everyone back to this site are the people we've grown to know and love. Coming into this game, I was warned by a variety of people that it would be an uphill battle to win due to several popularity threats being in a cast of (going to quote the wise  benp428 here) "NPC's." Despite knowing this information, sitting back and playing coy while a group of men decide the sets was not in my agenda because at the end of the day, if I was evicted I wanted to know that I tried to make moves and went out swinging.

The rumors were flying that salmaan and #benp428 were running things. Therefore, my first decision was to take one of them out. I rallied the majority to nominate them both. Although this move was successful on my end, and secured Ben's eviction, there was a rat in the majority. Rperduex11 and I had began to create a very nice friendship throughout the first 24 hours of the game, so when it came back that he had informed Ben of my plan and was campaigning to get me nominated, I have to admit that I was quite shocked because I did not expect this from him considering how a few hours earlier he was saying how Ben and Sal's arrogance made him sick and he wanted them out. I suppose when you're a free-thinking, independent woman who tries to make moves you're seen as a threat or a liability despite you trying to look out for your entire alliance.

Once Ben's fate was sealed, I had every intention of stepping into the background to allow someone else to become a target before me; however, lil Ronnie was campaigning to nominate two of my close allies Semnome and Cadden and I couldn't sit back and allow them to be picked off. Therefore, the plan of nominating Ronnie was set in motion. As I campaigned in everyone's pm's, majority of the cast informed me how tired they were of Ronnie's antics and how they couldn't stand him, yet somehow here I am. Clearly, we have several rats, and I have my eyes on them.

Tengaged, I need your help. Vote me back into the game so I can continue to attempt to shake things back up. My high heels aren't just for looking pretty on a Sunday morning, they're for stomping rats in Stars, as well 😘

Best of luck, Monica1623! It's been a pleasure playing this game with you, and I hope for the best for whichever one of us survives! We'll be TG sisters for life! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ’ž
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If this blog gets 1200 points Apr 4, 2022
I'll make my Stars debut in Stars 700.
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For future references, Apr 2, 2022
Does anyone think I'd do good in Stars? πŸ‘€ I feel like I'm so unknown I'd get voted out in 16th LMAO
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I love how Mar 31, 2022
My blogs consist of mommy problems and sweet posts about my kids and hubby, yet everyone else's blogs consist of twinks, sexual comments and drama.

I'm a rare breed on TG I guess 🧐
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πŸ’ž *long blog, sorry* Feb 9, 2022
imageOur new baby girl
is a gift beyond measures
a wonder to hold
and a lifetime to treasure

with ten perfect fingers
and ten tiny toes
two bright eyes
and a sweet little nose

she's bundled in pink
and destined for pearls
she's a princess at heart-
just like all little girls

her life is a blessing
filled with pure love
and we welcome this miracle
sent from above πŸ’–

After a painfully exhausting 10 hours in labor, Miss Serenity Grace decided to join us early in this crazy, beautiful world this morning at 6:43 am. Mommy, daddy, and big brother are over the moon to finally meet our perfect little angel, and cannot wait for the countless, beautiful life memories we have ahead of us with her in our world.

Truth be told, arriving to this moment felt like climbing a mountain for me, personally. 2020/2021 was difficult for everyone around the world; however, my family faced personal tragedy as we lost not one, but two sweet angels. I knew biologically these things happen, but I couldn't help but to blame myself for not being able to carry these babies to full-term. I screamed, I cried, and I prayed. I knew God has his own timing for everything in life, yet I couldn't understand his plans for these losses. After the loss of my second angel, I came to a breaking point and I pleaded for him to either let me have a baby or to close the door permanently because it was tearing me and my husband to pieces. We decided to put plans for a child on pause while we focused on our lives, and our family; however, a few short months down the road, we were blessed with the news of this baby girl. As I sit here in this hospital room watching my husband and daughter sleep, I can't help but to endlessly thank the lord because miracles do exist ya'll. If you had told me 5 years ago that me and my son would be leaving my abusive ex, and in a few short years be meeting the man that is the love of my life and the father my child needed, and a couple years after that, we would be building our family by welcoming this perfect little angel, I wouldn't have believed you. Here we are though.

I apologize for the novel Tengaged, but I needed somewhere to get these thoughts out. If you read this entire thing, thank you for your time, and I hope that someday each of you can experience the life changing miracles that the world has to offer because they are truly the most incredible things you will ever witness. Much love to you all. πŸ’–
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✨ Mama just bought herself some gold ✨ Jan 16, 2022
It only took me eight years, but Mama Brooklyn traded in her silver for some gold! 🀩

Huge shoutout to Rebelman2227 for betting on me in my rookies, being an amazing friend, and motivating me to win no matter what! Cheers to your 72 T$, Stefan! ❀️
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