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(+/-) Laurel Johnson ~ S36: Ghost Island

14thDec 28, 2018 by BlueBarracuda
imageLaurel Johnson is a financial consultant and castaway from Survivor: Ghost Island. She was a member of the Malolo tribe.
Laurel immediately found herself bonding with Donathan. She joined the majority in voting out Gonzalez and Jacob at the first two tribal councils. On Day 7, Laurel was switched to Naviti along with Donathan, Libby, and James. Laurel found herself in an opportune position when Naviti alphas Chris and Domenick wanted the other out. She joined her fellow Malolos in blindsiding Morgan at Tribal Council. The next day, she and Donathan approached Domenick and Wendell in forming a final 4 deal.  On Day 10, she and Wendell were switched to the new Yanuya tribe that was formed, allowing her to deepen her bond with him. They were immune until the merge.

At the merge, Laurel reunited with Donathan and committed their final 4 deal with Dom and Wendell. They helped Dom and Wendell pick off the remainder of their Malolo allies, being cued in on how the votes would go  Laurel acknowledged that both Dom and Wendell were threats, but time and time again she opted to stay loyal than make a move against them too prematurely. Laurel and Donathan became the last two Malolo’s standing and watched as the Navitis began to turn on each other after being Naviti strong for most of the game. Donathan tried to convince her to turn on them, but she remained loyal. Wendell used Erik’s Micronesia HII on Laurel, sending Donathan home at the final 5. Domenick won the final immunity challenge and took Laurel with him, sending his ally Wendell to a fire making challenge against Angela. At Final Tribal Council, Laurel was perceived as a follower of Domenick and Wendell, perceived as not making big moves and being risk-adversed, and not getting them out. Michael praised her for outlasting all the other Malolos. Ultimately, she received no votes, while Dom and Wendell both received 5, causing the vote for the winner to tie in the first time in Survivor history. Due to a tie, Laurel was send to the jury as the 2nd runner up and 11th member in order to cast the deciding vote on who won.  She voted for Wendell to be Sole Survivor.

Along with Sebastian, they are the first first-time castaways to be on three different tribes before the merge, allowing All Stars Jenna, Rupert, and Jerri, Andrew Savage in Cambodia, and Cirie Fields in Game Changers. Laurel is the first castaway to cast a tiebreaker vote at the Final Tribal Council. Due to this, Laurel is the first castaway to become a juror on Day 39 since Elisabeth Filarski (Hasselbeck) in The Australian Outback. She is the only person to be an 11th member of the jury. Laurel is a superfan who compares herself as a hybrid of winners Todd and Sophie, is a former collegiate athlete, and Ivy League student.

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Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Dec 28, 2018
Another worst
Sent by _Adidas_,Dec 28, 2018
she was so jealous of desiree
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Dec 28, 2018
shes nasty
Sent by josiahsurvivor,Dec 28, 2018
Sent by Jasoi,Dec 28, 2018
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 28, 2018
She and Wendell were my favorite, so these negs hurt my soul. However, she was disappointing to watch as a Laurel fan, cause she never made the move.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Dec 28, 2018
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Dec 28, 2018

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