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rozlyn Jan 10, 2018
I thought you quit the site sweetie?
I guess you just can't stay away now can you?  *Giggles and pours myself a  peach vodka cranberry*

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New Year, New Look Jan 10, 2018
image blogs

Its ben 8 o' 9 years, but Carol (VeryMaryKate) && I were able ta' scrape up enuff food stamps 2 buy Sabrina Raye a new dress 2 wear aftah mahogany lit da otha 1 on fire wiff her Krenshaw Kush when she watched our chitlin when we went 2 taco bell.
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Disgusting Dec 1, 2017
imageWhen I first joined this site it was all about getting to know each other and forming friendships... now it's all about making a quick T Dollar.
Let me tell you sumfin Tengaged this site is filled with NUFFING but gameplayers now.  I miss the old days when I could join a game and have an actual discussion without the fear of a knife being placed in my back.
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Are you fucking serious?!!? Nov 14, 2017
imageI'm so sick of this shit! Oh no, but Blue you must remain calm! Should you say anything you'll be labeled a black problematic and angry genderfaker. Spill no tea, one day they'll see. All lies will be revealed for the haters; their mouths will be sealed. For now just put on your heels and guard yourself with a shield. Suit up, the battle begins soon... That'll be the day they'll all meet their doom.

Fuck that shit. Think positive my ass. If I open my mouth. I'm a bitch. If I keep it shut I'm a stuck up bitch with no personality. Stay calm they say. You're a genderfaker they say. You have a platform they say. BULLSHIT I say.

This is a fair warning to you all, from blogs on this page about me, to the little twink ass cunts showing up to games I've joined (yeah me bitch), and to all the hateful jackasses out there. I will bite my tongue nor mind my fingers anymore. I respect everyone and their personal space. I keep to myself. Invade my space or disrespect my space in any way shape or form again and it will be curtains. Literally. I wouldn't give a damn if we were in church. Say something out the way and find yourself booking a dentist appointment.

NO I am not property. You DO NOT own me. I am NOT your slave. RESPECT MY SPACE.
Now other than that we cool.
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183 Nov 8, 2017
imageI did the math and that’s the number of people I’m responsible for evicting, not the number I’ve evicted overall but the number I’m responsible for.

There’s a difference. You get told to evict someone, well maybe you pull the trigger, but it’s not on you. Someone else ordered it. If you didn’t evictl the poor bastards, somebody else would, but when you become HOH, you are the one giving the orders. You are the one making the decisions. You have to choose who goes on the block, who gets evicted. You are responsible. So you become the hand of God.

183. I know all of the names, how old they were, if they had children, if they would be missed — 183. I never made a decision lightly. I always suffered a bit with each one. The responsibility of that, the gravity of that, the weight of it, it mocks me, it stains me, it never leaves me … being the hand of God is already the worst punishment in the world.
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imageThere is absolutely no need for you to announce your departure from Tengaged. No one truly cares, I certainly DO NOT. Your announcement is only a notification for me and then I filter you.. And then look at that!!! You ain’t gotta ever worry about coming back. Go in peace that way when you change your mind you’ll be able to return with no issues.

It’s like having global entry. But you know I’m sure you don’t even know what that is. So never mind. Ugh. Just go if you must. I truly give not one fuck. And you my friend, have tons of fucks to give if you have to announce your departure from Tengaged. Like bitch WHO THE FUCK CARES?

Not this black bitch right here. 💁🏾

See you in five hours, cunt.
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