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Have you ever watched a bird, Olympia????vote Dec 5, 2021
Birds are NOT lame af.

Let me address something else as well.. who the fuck are you to judge people's hobbies?
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mahogany Dec 4, 2021
Let me tell you something real quick.

it's like you're always the first one to call people out on their shit.. but what about you sweetie?

Let me address something else as well.. who the fuck are you to judge the way my avatar looks?  You look like a fucking creamsicle.
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[November PollStars] And the winner is... Dec 4, 2021
image Tommeh208

With Kindred7 in 2nd and christossss in 3rd.

Congratulations to the three of you! Making it that far in the game of pollstars is quite the accomplishment and I'm sure we'll see you in future months.

#NovemberPollStars #PollStars #Tommeh208
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I can't believe Dec 4, 2021
image Mahogany left me stranded at the airport without a ride home because she decided to burst into the stars house.

I had to call an Uber, but it was prime time, so it was Uber+, so it was more expensive.

I instead got in an unmarked red van and got dropped off at the bus stop.

I can't believe it.

I don't think you're fooling anyone, sweetheart. Clara, u in danger girl.
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5 more votes Dec 4, 2021
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鉂凱YN Dec 4, 2021
imageFor why you're on the Naughty list 馃槇  (basically an insult/drag).
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