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The real war

Apr 20, 2024 by BenjaminB
That we need to be funding & fighting: is the war on drugs. Its no longer safe in my city, because of all of the addicts & homeless people. (And they're all white ofc)


Go off Ronald Reagan
Sent by FlashWoods,Apr 20, 2024
Are you stupid?
Sent by Amixoxi,Apr 20, 2024
Are you stupid?
Sent by Brayden_,Apr 20, 2024
amixoxi no but if u felt personally attacked and are an addict: please get it over with already
Sent by BenjaminB,Apr 20, 2024
and they鈥檙e all yt ofc 馃槶
no like some places it鈥檚 so bad idk how people deal. i visited SF this year and my god.. i can鈥檛 bare to witness stuff like that daily. it kills my mood
Sent by daveycool,Apr 20, 2024
daveycool isnt public intoxication illegal? Like get these ppl up off the streets AT LEAST
Sent by BenjaminB,Apr 20, 2024
honestly tea make all drugs illegal except weed
Sent by LizzoBigGirl,Apr 20, 2024

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