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my goal May 24, 2024
is to always come from a place of love ...but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker
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Amy Winehouse movie May 23, 2024
nobody cared about that girl when she was alive, now everyone wants to make money cuz shes dead. She was worth more dead than alive. Hollywood knows that nowadays. I will never watch it
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But can we talk? May 21, 2024
personally i think A_La_Fac's horrible taste in friends should not disqualify him from a stars win #StillWithHer
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Randomize isnt doing a farewell post May 21, 2024
Dementia is probably getting his ass & he doesnt know who any of us are. CheapCheep CALL THAT MF UP 馃摓
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Jengaged May 21, 2024
has always been so sweet to me Jengaged , and i just know her as the tengager who takes pics with all of the ugliest people on here
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I met Aquamarine on roblox May 20, 2024
at first he said he was "LadyLizard from tengaged"
I said "dont speak ill of the dead."
So he said "jk im Aquamarine."
And I said "thats worse than being dead"
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