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pyn for a compliment

7thMar 13, 2024 by Arris
Yonaka - you are so chill and nice. you were also very welcoming to me when I returned to tg. You're a positive person!
2388 - You are actually sooo sooo funny. We didn't always get along in the past but we were both much younger, but we've also had some good moments. Now you seem so much more mature and not sure if you're even aware of how funny you are.
Runaways - You are very perceptive heh yes it is 10.30 pm
bomberv - king of gym tbh but seriously you are pretty swell. always thought you were nice
FarManu - I've only met you recently but you give me such good vibes. You're nice :)
mathboy9 - aaaand I would ALWAYS bet ur ass at binb mwhaha yeah. You're a good gamer for sure, and a good sport! those are good qualities
Brayden_ - Your individuality is your best quality. You are unafraid to express opinions despite knowing that people may find them controversial. You are being you and I fully respect it.
Phono - Your avi makes me cackle.
bigbrotherlover7 - Oh my Bryce, I haven't spoken to you in ages! You are generally very approachable although I hated you when I first met you but then we became friends. You're a chill dude.
MarieEve - Sweetheart and icon! Not a negative bone in your body. Always loyal, friendly, helpful and also real. We obviously lost touch when I left tg for a hot while, but I still consider you a good friend.
woeisme - King of sarcasm. Another person I will always consider a friend of mine no matter how long we're not talking because everytime we do it's like we never stopped, lol.
Santu - You must have a good taste since Alejandro is your avi.
yoshicoolman - You are strong and inspiring. I remember your cancer journey. Glad everything went well for you <3
ricardogv - you are so hilarious in the devil dark humor sorta way lmao
FlashWoods - You are so easy to talk to. Approachable, funny dude. You make too many PYNs tho 馃槀馃槀
A_La_Fac - a king of entertainment. I told you this before but you look and act like a reality tv persona! you should apply, lol. But seriously though, you are such a fuckin' funny bottom. I love talking to you.
gagaluv - A Tengaged STAPLE. You're always going to be an icon to me. I remember when you allowed me to use your designs in my shops for free, thx for that!
Jenna2010 - Another icon. Never seen you be vicious or unkind to anyone. You're a very welcomed and warm presence on Tengaged.
victoriaclark12 - Met you only recently, but you're a very nice girl. You're quite funny too.
ytrewq111 - you're someone who has been here forever, but we never really know each other. You do seem like a good fella though.
AntonB - Some of your blogs are pretty funny. Don't know you that well though.
Yandereboy12 - You were very welcoming to me upon my return to tg. You are so easy to talk with.  Keep it up my dude.
Vlad21 - One of my oldest friends here. You returned like few weeks after my return, even though u failed to replicate my success aka winning stars (mwhah jk;). Was really happy to see you back Vladislav. You're easy-going and sometimes even funny.
Laura21 - ES Queen! You bring such good vibes to this website. You're one of those people I rarely actually talk to, and yet I've always liked.
iSandeh - My king! Loyal and supportive bitch. Welcome back :*


Sent by Yonaka,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by 2388,Mar 13, 2024
at 10.30pm? yup
Sent by Runaways,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by bomberv,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by FarManu,Mar 13, 2024
sure because we fought in binb 5 years ago and havent spoken since im ready for the enemies to friends arc
Sent by mathboy9,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by Brayden_,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by Phono,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by MarieEve,Mar 13, 2024
awh ty <33
Sent by 2388,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by woeisme,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by Santu,Mar 13, 2024
Me too 鈾♀櫋鈾♀櫋
Sent by MarieEve,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by yoshicoolman,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by ricardogv,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by FlashWoods,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by A_La_Fac,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by gagaluv,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by Jenna2010,Mar 13, 2024
Me Arris
Sent by victoriaclark12,Mar 13, 2024
Sent by ytrewq111,Mar 14, 2024
Sent by AntonB,Mar 14, 2024
Sent by Yandereboy12,Mar 14, 2024
Sent by Vlad21,Mar 14, 2024
Sent by Laura21,Mar 14, 2024
Sent by iSandeh,Mar 14, 2024
ily Arris
Sent by Yonaka,Mar 14, 2024

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