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Wondering what Bynes ate today Dec 17, 2023
I only log on to see if it was cheritaisdelicious ass or thumper91’s titties
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JUST got off the phone Dec 17, 2023
With probably the stupidest fuck cunt slut what a dumb stupid bitch!!!!!!! I hope she eats her own ass and gets West Nile virus, Zika, swine flu and a tape worm hatches eggs in her CLIT
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image6 years ago I hosted a little game called TBB2. Tonight I met the Welsh prince Emyr ( michellewilliams) and wow was he so so amazing!!!! The funnest time ever. I’m drunk. Love you all
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imagine on Thanksgiving Nov 19, 2023
the Native American's came back and cut off your families fingers off and raped your mom in front of your family and shot your brother in the head while you were burning alive. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
I guess if that ever happens we will NOT be fighting back at all. We will just say PLEASE DON'T DO THAT AGAIN.
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WAIT WAIT WAIT Nov 5, 2023
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I used someone’s weed pen at work Nov 4, 2023
And my chest hurts. It feels like I may be having a heart attack. If I don’t make it tonight I have a few things to say: Golden girls love you bitches, evaa1996 is my heart and soul, gagaluv did spank me IRL I never told tg but it’s true
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