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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Smiley

I play this game because I'm a big fan of Survivor and I want to test myself if I could fit in at the social part of the challenges!

Thanks God!
Finally yellow on 20th April 2011
YAY! orange on 6th August 2011
First win on 21st August 2011
Getting better! light green on 1st September 2011
Evolution! dark green on 18th December 2011
SO SEXY!!! blue on 24th January 2012
YEAH! purple on 6th September 2012
That's the way, I like it! red on 18th September 2012
SHITbrown on 26th October 2012
BLACK Mothaf--ker on 3rd December 2013

Survivor Group Games:
Kangaroo Island by Eddy_whynot - 4th
Global Survivor by bingo21 - 8th
Heroes vs Villains by Eddy_whynot - 2nd (Hero)
Bermuda by Gaiaphage - 15th :(
Palau by GabCo- 4th
Jamaica by Cmack - 5th
All-Stars by bingo21 - 3rd
Fans vs Favorites by Benlinus - 13th (Fan)
Dominica by DEACES - 2nd
Fiji by Suitman - 11th
China by jogo - 11th
Guatemala by Js21 - 5th
All-Stars by Js21 - 7th (Hero of the Season)
Hawaii by GameTime - 2nd
Thailand by BENLINUS - 3rd
Redemption Island by yankeeman - 9th
Cambodia by CaptainTangerine - 42nd out of 80
Brain vs Brawn by yankeeman - 2nd (Brawn)
All-Stars by BENLINUS - 5th (Player of the Season)
China Second Chances by Suitman - 7th
Myanmar by dragotistic - 2nd
One World by Suitman - 6th
Maluku Islands by Leli - 5th
Best of the Best by Suitman - 13th
Bali All-Stars by Leli - 14th
Bhutan - Fans vs Faves by bingo - 1ST!!!! *winner of December's Orange TOGA for Best Player* (Fave)
Pangaea by Gohan - 18th of 42
Japan by themissinglink - 10th
Heroes vs Villains by BENLINUS - 5th :(again): (Hero)
Seychelles by Suitman - 7th
Myanmar - Friends vs Favorites by Suitman - 12th
Occultus Island by Suitman - 5th
Macedonia by bingo - 3rd *132 total days played, fifth overall and 1st within the 4-time players*
Congo by NJKoda - 4th

My Games:
Romania - winner: soccerbchris
Peru - winner: Benlinus (Nommed for September's Best Survivor Group)
New Zealand - winner: UndercoverMonk
Cambodia - winner: MaxHZ
Ethiopia - winner: thedarkpassanger
Greece - AllStars - winner: bingo
Philippines - winner: Prozach
Madagascar - Second Chances - winner: juna
Guyana - winner: losangelesgirl
Tanzania - winner: Leli
Arabia - winner: manalord
Roman Empire - Heroes vs Villains - winner: thedarkpassanger
El Salvador - winner: AshlynArehart

My Games 94 games played

22 Feb, 14
29 Nov, 13
27 Sep, 13
18 Sep, 13
15 Sep, 13
9 Sep, 13
28 Apr, 13

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