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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Janine

You're a true epitome of perfection. You're literally flawless and always awesome. Very friendly, so beautiful, lovely, sexy, dazzling, adorable, innocent, damn trustworthy, real, dead cute, someone you can't miss, someone who makes a life better, someone who will make you vacant if she's not around, naughty, slutty. What a hot bitch! You're a very gorgeous girl (a woman in the making, I'll still see you as a pure unspoiled lady). I won't ever regret for believing you wholeheartedly... Ever once. Love you always. XOXO!

You're a lady that's so caring and passionate about getting other people's hearts.
When I met you for the first time, I felt a different aura, which's different from most of the people here. I noticed special traits.
You're fun and fearless. As I know you longer, you're really not selfish. You don't mind to take your time for hearing someone's stories and really paying much attention... You're taking me by heart. It's just like noble character, you can stand me who rant a lot, since someone who talks about himself is boring. Yet you never ignore me. I'm not faking these words to persuade you to think I'm sweet.
But I see these stuffs from you.
Human with quality. Someone is definitely blind if he or she's wasting you. I didn't mean to seduce you. You're too awesome to be thrown. But I just want you to know, I'm grateful to have someone like you. You proved me that people like Janine AAA, still exist, among most individualistic and hypocrite people all around. I'm sure that I trust a right person. Thank you. I love you.

Janine is one the most amazing person I have ever met on Tengaged! She's funny, smart, wise and very fun to talk to! I'm really glad I met her cause she's been a royal and trustworthy friend...a real keeper! Mabuhay ka Janine :D Love you :*"

You are my best best friend,
I came here for friends and i m so glad that i found you..
You are a great person, loyal, cute, loving, caring and much more... Youre a complete friend for me and i love playing with you, Love you janine.

You are the most caring, friendly, trustworthy girl here on tengaged. I want be your friend forever. You have helped EACH AND EVERY time that i have asked you :) .. there's very less ppl here like you in tengaged. You are unique and please stay that way! :) I really want to play another game where we talk more :) .. You are my favorite girl in tengaged..

Test- a loyal and very friendly, positive ally to have, when you're aligned with her, she's loyal and trustworthy

Test: Girl, I Love You Soooo Much, You Lighten Every Day In This Game Even When There Are Fights

I nommed testtickles n a rookies
but we still talk, I like testtickles, because I saw she is not fake, she has friends and she sticks her friends

Lets stay friends on this forever, and ever till the world ends, is that a little bit weird for you, it seems I'm catching your weird-ness, god test i love you, your crazy but hey weird is your middle name

I know you're an amazing ally. I remember!
Do you live in the Philippines? How's your english so good? :o

Your english is great to say youre from the Philippines sometimes its even better than mine.

thank god, test isnt a liar or bitter she has class

tickles is the most loyal and trustworthy player i have played with in over 100 games,will be my first pick in every team i have to pick.

TestTickles you are a meals on wheels kinda girl meaning you are a nice lady that would give people food.

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