Fraternity The Lion's Pack

⫷⫸Welcome to the The Lion’s Pride⫷⫸

We are strong, we are fierce, we are courageous, we are intelligent…
We honor each other by staying loyal……

⫷⫸Frat Rules⫷⫸
⨳Please let me or the VPs know before starring random people, this is a pride…WE DO NOT NEED DISLOYAL MEMBERS

⨳DO NOT back stab a fellow pride member. If you cannot work with a pride member let them know but try your best to have each other’s backs. Do try to keep you members in the games as long as possible even if you cannot work with them.

⨳Be KIND , RESPECTFUL and look out for your pride members.

⨳Plus all members blogs

⫷⫸Frat Hierarchy⫷⫸
First of all, this is a frat in which all members have dual power, however to maintain order, this is where the hierarchy comes into place. Its not for anyone to feel they are better than any other but for us to work as one for the good of the frat and see us prosper.

⨳President ⦙⦙Lanikai⦙⦙- The person who oversees all in the frat and has the most power in the Frat. The final decisions are made by the President with the assistance of VPs and can over rule any decisions.

⨳Vice Presidents ⦙⦙Cjuddy⦙⦙- The person who contributes in helping the President make final decisions. The Vice President is also in charge when the President is not around and has sole power just as if they were the president themselves.

⨳The Council ⦙⦙ ⦙⦙- Determines the fate of a member after a reported incident. For example, if within a game, a member is nominated or evicted by another member, the judge will determine if the person was right or if they are guilty of breaking the rules of the frat and if guilty will be removed from the frat!

⨳The Head Councilman ⦙⦙ ⦙⦙

⨳Group Admin ⦙⦙ ⦙⦙- The person who is in charge of polls and any other important information to be posted. Also, to invite new frat members to the group since our group is closed to the public.

⨳Skype Admin ⦙⦙ ⦙⦙- The person sole in charge of adding frat members to the Skype chat made just for the members of this frat and also to act as a moderator.

⨳Elders ⦙⦙TestTickles,leviwwe1 ⦙⦙

⨳Games/Competition Committee ⦙⦙ Mariahann, Aydanmac01, Ryan_young16⦙⦙-

⨳Games/Competition President ⦙⦙ MariahAnn ⦙⦙-The person in charge of organizing all frat games, competitions etc. Also, this person will be in charge of charity games as well.

⨳PR President⦙⦙ ⦙⦙

⨳PR Committee ⦙⦙ ⦙⦙-

⫷⫸Charity Games⫷⫸
⨳ If you are having a charity please let myself, one of the VPs or the group admin know so that we can share the news. Members will be here to support you!

⨳ Please bare in mind, I am not a fan of color level charities or birthday charities…..I believe in working hard to get where you want to be, don't depend on people to take you there. You can do that all on your own.

⫷⫸Stars Seat Rules⫷⫸
⨳Its quite simple, I believe everyone should have a chance and be free to steal the seat if they choose. My thing is really simple, discuss it with MYSELF before attempting to steal the star seat.

⨳Members are NOT allowed to steal the seat consecutively. Allow another member a chance to steal.

⨳In the event that we do win the seat, the decision to give someone a seat will be based on a vote by the entire frat. The candidates will provide a short speech as to why they should be chosen for the stars seat.


NOTE: Sorry but as of now we will not be starring in anyone under lightgreen, this is a temporary rule and will not be permanent. But if you think/know you will bring activeness to the frat then send me or the VP a mail and we will happily consider starring you in!!

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Public Comments

  1. woeismeaww. My original frat ;(
  2. JonMcGilliswow. what happened to this? weren't we in the top 10 in 2012?
  3. KingKitKatI need a frat who can take me under their wings (or in this case pride rock? lol) and lead me. I think this would be good
  4. eric_136Guys the reason i left is cuz i got banned lol for something dumb
  5. eric_136Hey guys i love to join your pride it would be a honor to be apart a lion pride that is loyal and equal also i feel like i have a lot to bring to the table and i love just to join and show u what im about and where i want to take this frat in Tengaged if u let me thanks for your time :)
  6. Badboyy2699Hey , May I get plussed and join frat , Im actually a good player , I just dont do designs , they put a target on you
  7. MariahAnnMessage me if Lani ever returns
  8. PepperParkerSad to see this frat so low. It was a good fraternity during my time here.
  9. JoyAbelalierHello my dear how are you today Nice to meet you now,so i like to have a good relationship with you and also i will like you to contact me please my dear sand me a messages in my email address i can Tell you everything about me i do not have time here now thanks bye
  10. J0K3RStar me in please I very loyal to the fratt I'm in
  11. Bbinferno6wanna be in this pride
  12. JonMcGillisI remember when I was here. Good times :D
  13. me2013Have you seen the Easter Bunny? Oh look - you have found a large chocolate egg. Congratulations send me the link to this frat.
  14. MariahAnnSorry.... Joined Ban Frookies
  15. MakeMeBelieve242Please vote for me :

President of The Lion's Pack

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 1

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