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[1\16] Wangifold's Survivor Amazon - Jungle Games (4-3)
[8\22] Wangifold's Survivor All-Stars (Hero Of The Season)
[19\20] Wangifold's Survivor Heroes Vs Villains

[1\18] Luis's Survivor: Cape Verde - (5-2)
(Villain Of The Season - Player of the season)

[1/16] Cutthroat Survivor: Overstepping Champs- (5-2-0) (Hero of the season)
[16/18] Cutthroat Survivor: Henan - Blood Vs. Water II

[9/16] A Cutthroat Spring Break (Special)
[9/12] A Cutthroat Pride Parade (Special)

[1\16] M2 Survivor: Mongolia-(3-2-0)
(Player of the season)
[9\21] M6 Survivor: All-Stars

[15/21] Julian's Survivor: Ireland - Medically Evacuated
[17/21] Julian's Survivor: Uncast

[6\20] Cmack's Survivor 32: Rio de Janeiro
(Best Alliance Award - Best Blindside Award)
[3\20] Survivor Philippines: Fans vs Favorites III (4-3-2)

[3\18] Survivor: Brains v Brawn v Beauty

[3\20] Survivor Barn Island (4-3-2)
(Hero of the season - Barn Island)

[3\18] Fowler's Survivor: Tihiti

[6\18] Nathan's Survivor: Greenland

[7\16] Mana's Survivor: Germany (Villain Of The Season)
[14\18] Mana's Survivor: Cagayan

[7\18] EddieDee's Survivor: Exile Island
[10\16] EddieDee's Survivor: The Andes
(Won 6 Redemption Valley Duels)- Survivor: The Andes

[15/18] BigBen's Survivor Vanuatu - Viewer's Choice - Medically Evacuated
[21/22] Survivor: Melanesia - Blood Vs. Water

[6/16] Purple's Survivor: The Lamu Archipelago (Villain of the season)

[11/19] Will's Survivor: Japan

[5/16] Sam's Survivor: Sulawesi

[8/20] M&L Survivor France

[12/19] Noah's Survivor: Wakanda

[14/16] Pokepat's Survivor: Antarctica
[20\21] Pokepat's Survivor: Second Chances

[3/14] Survivor City 16: Cairo

[?/16] Survivor The Australian Outback

Sole Survivor: 4
Player of the season: 2
Hero of the season: 3
Villain of the season: 3
(Best Alliance Award - Best Blindside Award)


[13\14] EddieDee's Big Brother: All-Stars

[15/16] Suitman's Big Brother 11


"An underdog from the start of the game, Ty was often alone and had to come back from a huge deficit. In fact, after Ethan's boot, I labeled Ty as the least likeliest to win the game in the VL. He was able to turn it around and earn five votes at Final Tribal to win, making him this season's HERO."

"Our twenty-first castaway comes to us from the second season, Amazon. Still in my beginnings as a host, I was ecstatic to have an active and hungry cast. This All-Star turned the tables on his game during the first and second merge votes, playing his idol to save himself during the first, and convincing Kat to play an idol on him in the second, while blindsiding her that same tribal. In a season that saw countless power shifts, our All-Star was behind all of them, and ultimately his perserverance, tenacity, and strong social gameplay netted him the win. Please welcome back Sole Survivor from the Amazon, Ty M"

"To me, the hero of the season was never in question. What some of you may not know is that Ty sacrificed his game for Neil, intentionally drawing heat onto himself the tribal council he was voted out. He played for the greater good of his allies, and in a season full of backstabbing and betrayal, he was the shining symbol of loyalty."

"One of the few people who truly was a villain in any regard, this award was also one of the easiest to give. Throughout premerge Ty held a strong grip on his tribe(s) with a ¾ person alliance that voted out people constantly. He was always scheming and planning ahead, ready to make the moves he needed to make, and even as merge came and his alliance was slowly decimated, he still fought onwards and lashed out, contributing even more to his villainous persona"

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