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I'd rather be hated for Winning.

0 iTy990, Mar 17, 2018

Than being a Loser and being hated anyways.
***Stars405Winner*** 40.7%
***Stars433Winner*** 55.5%



6 Jouix, Jan 26, 2018

this is my take on the remaining stars cast #truthtea
brxan literally let ametrine do all the hard work.. their poll should've been in reverse
iceey is SO difficult for ANYONE to work with.. as noms kept splitting first few rounds he just gave up and declared the 'multi alliance' had it all sewn up.. I kept trying to motivate him but he just continued to cry.. it was pretty cringeworthy.
grrrimabear tried so hard to play both sides when literally seconds after he would leak things it would come straight back to me.. imo he relied on others to do the dirty work because no one would ever take him seriously
bigbrotherdonny props for actually trying.. but he was pretty quiet throughout and too trusting of people.. should have been more forceful as he had the right ideas just no real execution
dubstar actually the smartest and most strategic player imo, made calculated decisions and talked to most of the cast.. which always helps.. be a shame if he loses to brxan =/
aquamarine literally says nothing after the first time he went up.. went completely MIA and nobody had any idea where he was or what he was doing.. totally unpredictable in this game.. almost as if he was asking to be nommed.. pretty unusual as i know hes usually a great player
anyways things could have and prob have changed since i got evicted but its funny how the group who turned on me so quickly fell apart right after.. as the saying goes, don't come for me.. unless you wanna get burnt:)
on ranking with my other stars i would put it near the bottom just for the pure dumbness of some cast members and the shameless multi voting


Honestly even if I hate you

0 ThebestlerHoH, Aug 10, 2017

And you reply to me
You're better than the people on here who don't even reply


Honestly my hater should just admit

8 XxLoveWakizaxX, May 13, 2017

that they missed me after over a week of not being here to piss them off in a frookies lmfao its clear to me that they don't go off on anyone like they do me. #truthtea


Lemme Spill some Tea

0 manalord, Mar 26, 2017

The most Randy is gonna do.. which.. btw I don't think he is gonna do anything... Is issue a blanket warning saying stop te crap and start banning new offesnes. But I honeslty doubt he cares as people still buy Ts and he still makes money


Swedish survivor

0 Cuntzilla, Feb 17, 2017

was totally over rated and unoriginal #TruthTea


So sad to see someone get attacked

2 Obstreperous, Jan 30, 2017

for having a different belief than yours.
I didn't know we were living in a dictatorship regime where everyone had to have the same opinions as yours or otherwise face ridicule?
last time I checked the majority of Tengaged users were living in a democracy.


Yes we have the right to

4 _Adidas_, Jan 30, 2017

Support certain political issues, but this ban is a violation to the US constitution, you can't move forward with isolation religions and focus on one.
To all the Tr*mp supporters, I thought y'all were pro constitution??? And I thought y'all were against taxes which is what this wall will consist of.... #TruthTea


People only fight on the blog page

1 DantezFire, Jan 12, 2017

To gain online attention, they probably aren't even mad


we don't get along

1 TayBear17, Dec 3, 2016

but you slayed that stars gg, lmao I don't exactly know how f2 works but I hope you win tbh #truthtea darriusdabest


This is why I hate Ethan000.

5 Obstreperous, Nov 14, 2016

First of all, he's a racist.
Second of all, he filtered me months ago when I had a different opinion then him.
I'm not actually exactly sure why TBH, I guess he is just jealous or me or something?
He looks down on people.
He acts like he's better then everyone else.
His supporters always come rushing by his side.
"He's hot!"
OK, he may be hot but his soul is ugly.
I do not change my opinion.


Some Hillary supporters are just as Crooked

3 Obstreperous, Nov 8, 2016

or even more Crooked then she is, herself!
As a Trump supporter, I've NEVER EVER threatened someone who supports Hillary.
I've tried to explain the Crooked thing she's done, but at the end of the day, you can do what you want.
I'm not going to hate you if you don't agree with my opinions; that's fine.
But when some people are threatening Trump supporters and talking about them in such a disgusting manner is when the line is crossed!
No one deserves to be belittled for their own political opinions.
If you disagree then respect their opinion as I do yours.
But what some of you are doing is beyond crossing the line.
Wishing death on people and their families? Really?
That's what I call being a Crooked hypocrite.


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