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Stop Virtual Rape Against Children

2 Loopulle, Apr 3, 2014

The video says it all.
Sign the petition below, and help trend #Sweetie on Tengaged to get this known.


memories with jesse

0 TheACF12, Mar 27, 2014

remember when we played stars together?


So like

2 CutieAmy, Mar 5, 2014

a guy is pretending to be a girl LOL and everyone seems to think that :S i would love nothing more than to expose him but it's so cute to see alireza1373 fall for his crap..just like he believed #sweetie and #xohannahxo were girls :3


Bloody Gentleman

8 GentlemanG, Nov 14, 2013

Well so it's obvious I just bought blood ~
Well thanks to my friend list
SoccerRulz I love you < 3
Kittykatz553 Forget the haters somebody luvs ya ~ Miley
#Sweetie I miss you, I don't belive the rumors
Cotbey Thanks for everything, you know all you did :)
Jarrett Your mean but joined hella charities so cutee
Megan So loved, I love you!
Khianna Stay Black and Cute
Jenzie I love you Queen :)
Aaronstevens4444 Your so nice, stay amazing!
Bamold1999 PGA POWER! :)
Vh1clown Eddie < 3
mattmon3365 I like you
Jgoodies Cunt :P
Stokes2009 People hate you, but who cares your nice to me
Temeky #Temekyisawhore
^_^ one step closer to tv star, I joined to get it, and I won't leave with out it :)
Ps: Post your spam I'll be a +14 for you < 3
Edit: Great way to go before I get my shop :P

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