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Time for some stars Tea

3 SAWCHUK55, Jan 14, 2021

I’m over the shade and the lies!
All game I have had people left and right tylrying to tell me what I have to do well I’ve never been good at listening to people when they tell me what to do!
Everyone saying that they didnt vote me is grinding my gears 100 percent there are not enough people left in this game to deny putting me up! Like own your shit! You all think putting me up is making big moves meanwhile you let Seth run this game!
The funniest thing is all of you come to my pms bitching about each other I’m gonna make a blog later with some very interesting quotes and who said it ! I am literally about to blow this house up!!!!!! You all pissed off the wrong women!
Time to shed some wool I’m coming for the sheep!

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