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My colour box is moving

12 iGoddess, Aug 14, 2015

Newest Silver! Bam! Didn't think I'd move past purple to be completely honest with you.
Thanks to all those that participated in my silver game!
jasoncutie7542 - We met so long ago, I don't recall where exactly. You're been around a lot, and despite us nit speaking so much the past few years, I'm very thankful you joined to help!
pilatesgrl - Alexis, we met a while ago, and you kind if went missing and recently made a comeback. I'm glad to getting to know you better as time passes, and I'm thankful you joined!
Jojo7784 - Thanks to you, I joined #Stars337 and won it, I won't forget that. You also joined this to help, and I won't forget that either! I owe you big time.
Thesexiestdude990 - We have not personally or officially met, but I'm glad to have you in the game. Or have had you in the game? I can't speaks anymore LOL. Anywho, I've seen you around in all my years on Tengaged, and it was an honour!
Addrian - You've become one of my closest male TG friends up to date, your snap story's always make me giggle, and I m glad with you I can butch and rant, and you just don't give two flying fucks! We share the same opinions.. (Almost) and aim glad to know you! Here's to knowing you a lot longer! Sorry for your placement.. :* but thank you for joining!
Maxiphone27 - You were the first person to say you would Jin my silver game when I blogged about it, and you don't even know me, you're a true true good TG. Hearted person! Thank you!
Kimmal8 - Kyle, boo! We met across #BGS6 I'm glad to see we can still chat like we would as if we do everyday! You're a top guy and I can't wait to join Another game soon with you!
Sprtsgy1989 - Sean you loving sheep, I can't bloody stand you sometimes.. But my guts always tell me to love you and your goriness. Stay gory pony boy.
Amylou8251 - We met across the RP community and I've known you for so long now! I'm glad you joined and we played at least one game outside a group/show setting! Thanks for joining Amy!!
Survivor8 - Mike book where TF did we meet? I do not remember, was it through Mangos808 or #Gurlbai ? Fuck knows, all I know is you've been an amazing friend whom I don't need to speak to everyday, to keep a friendship going. You always defend me if someone happens to diss me or some jealous shit, and I appreciate that, it doesn't go unnoticed at all! :* I love ya to pieces! ETNAL forever.
Sashababy2010 - We are a dangerous duo, that said, I'm sorry you couldn't be f2 in my silver, but you still gave people their bets back!  We need to okay an Org soon, because I have a feeling we would kick so much ass, no wait.. We would #Bounce them out! Ba dum tiss! Anywho, I appreciate you were able to join my..

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