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44 virgie88, Nov 17, 2016

from Arris & I :)
We don't talk, but u seem like a great person
You seem nice and funny :)
I don't know you, but u seem down to earth.
Don't know him. Hmu or something :)
I think his quite smart and underrated by tg. People hate him for multis but like EVERYBODY (besides me obv 8) has them these days, so personally speaking I think his okay.
I think you're so freaking amazing & I adore you like no other. We go all the way back & I keep u very close to my heart.
You're very sweet Tyler and very understanding. I love playing frookies with u. Don't ever change who u are!
Haven't talked to him in like ages but I remember him as being quite outspoken and funny
I think you're great as a person & your beautiful. Don't worry about the haters. Let them hate and you do u. 
She's sooo hmm complicated. One day I really like her and think she's cool but then the other days I can't stand her and she comes off as crazy. I guess we could say we're frenemies. No hard feelings < 3
I just met you like a couple of days ago I think you're so sweet and down to earth. We have been playing a lot of frookies together. Stay beautiful and keep on shining ;)
Literally I just found out she exists few days ago. Think she's a veteran user who was inactive or something but anyways she seems super funny and friendly. Hope we can become friends one day ;)
Well he can be annoying sometimes but I think it's because of his very young age. He can be nice too, so 2388 you should stick to being nice ! : )
We have been friends since I first joined & I really adore u so freaking much. I do miss your old account though. I love u always and forever
I think you're so cute & besides u stealing 2388 account I think you're a great person & I hope we talk more, so I can get to know u better :)
I didn't like him when he was at his first account. Then he came back and rebounded as a Maturo and since then I really like him. I think he's adorably funny and I like the fact that when he friends someone, he's a loyal hoe.
I don't know u, but I plussed your spam :) Good luck getting into auctions
Don't know sorry
One of the nicest and smartest persons on tg that ik. A girl that sets example for the most of tengaged society. Keep being, great Skyler ! :)
Skyler you're so freaking amazing inside and out & u have a heart of gold. I'm so blessed I have met you. We need more people like u on tengaged. I love you!
I remember when I first met you. You ask me to join your charity which I did. Ever since that we have been greats friends after that. You have always had my back with anything and u don't know how much..


Random.org TGBB3 (6)

2 disneygeek, Jun 3, 2016

hsb123 (golden key)
aj1111 & Renny10
AustinRules6969 & amf7410
topazisqueen (golden key)
JBC8 (golden key)
LoopyCoco1 (golden key)
Rodrigues75 & stanleyhouseseven
Jameslu & Vlad21
JourdanBabyXoxo (golden key)
Eoin & thequeeneoin
virgie88 & Threedevils
Eviction Order:
19th- #Macda27
20th- #rozlyn
21st- #rileythepegasus101
22nd- #scooby0000
By a vote of 4-3 #Roxas546 you are evicted from the TGBB house. Which means JBC8 you have received the fifth golden key!
HoH- aj1111 ( Renny10 is also safe)
Pre Noms- Eoin & thequeeneoin
POV- virgie88 ( Threedevils is also safe)
Used?- Yes
Final Noms- AustinRules6969 & amf7410
Vote to Evict! (Anyone but the noms can vote)
Ask to be tagged:


Thank you

3 Roxas546, Jun 2, 2016

"You're such an amazing friend. And I'm glad we met and that you joined this game. I wasn't expecting to see you in here at all, tbh." - JBC8
"7th - Roxash - Aside from this frooks i would love to get to know you, i was hoping we would be able to work together and get along well but it was just kinda not the right place to start a friendship. I'll mail you after you vote so this doesn't seem like an attempt for a vote"- Smoothstalker12
"3rd #Roxas546 - MY LOVE OH MY GOD! I love playing with you, I wish you would've been here but it just couldn't happen. Two queens out of the f4 had to make it, I'm sad it wasn't you. I love you so much, and I'm so glad we met on here. You're one of my best friends and an amazing competitor. You're such a sweetheart and I really would appreciate your vote. You're a true doll and I hope we play some more frooks or even crooks sometime soon. I love you, babe xox" - Eliserose
These are honestly some of the nicest things people have said to me and they were in tributes and honestly I cherish all of them. It really feels nice to get tributes like these, or even nice messages honestly. As somebody who's struggling with depression pretty hard, its a huge pick up. Thank you to all my friends on here. Thank you for everything so far and Im glad we're friends. I know I make idiotic blogs like this sometimes but its just to let you guys know how much you actually mean to me honestly. I have friends IRL, yeah, but you guys really mean a lot to me too...
I love playing games with you guys, and even though I'm mostly peoples side friend and not really anybodys best friend. Im still here for you guys and you're amazing people on this site, no matter what anybody else says honestly.
YasGaga (Even though we don't talk :/)

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