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Euro's Big Brother 2

5 Ramanik, Apr 26, 2014

Euro I had so much fun in this game. I think that you season two was better than you last season. Thank you so much for choosing me to play. I would love to return for another season.
13th- Adam O. [ Anoreoz897]- I thought that we could've been friends, but you didn't talk to me. I heard rumors about you being in an alliance with AJ, Addison, and Riley. So I got votes to send you out. Sorry.
12th- AJ F. [ jflora18]- You didn't even bother to talk to me when you were in the house. I did think that you were being a bully to Alyssa. I only argued with you just so that I could get people to vote you out which was kinda dumb, because I could've just messaged them.
11th- Addison M. [ MoooHades]- You also didn't even bother to talk to me. I thought that you were a challenge threat. But I did feel bad that you couldn't compete since you lived in Australia.
10th- Cristina Y. [ Lemjam6]- You were a great ally Cristina. I really didn't know that you were leaving I thought that you were going to be saved or there was going to be a tie. I hope that we could still be friends, and I hope you come to the reunion.
9th (#Juror1)- Riley B. [ bigbrothermaniac]- You were in an alliance with me in the beginning. I really did think that you were controlling the game, and I just couldn't trust you. I needed to prove my loyalty to Preston, Harriella, and Alyssa but evicting you. You hate me for no reason. I was only trying to play the game. Sorry for not messaging you after your eviction. Everyone did know that you were going to take Sam B to the finale, so yeah I wouldn't have voted for you to win if it was you two but yeah.
8th (#Juror2)- Harriella M [ hazzbazzEvs]- Harriella you were a great ally. I thought that you were my friend. I think that you played a decent strategic game, but your strategy on evicting me lead to you getting evicted. I evicted you only because I heard that you wanted me out even though the plan was to get Alyssa out since she was banned.
7th (#Juror3)- Fino A. [ Fino]- FINO FINO FINO. I do feel really bad that I sent you out. I only evicted you, because I knew that Sam B and Will were going to vote you out since they suspected that you were in an alliance with Sam C. I was your friend and I tried to keep you safe while you were inactive for the short amount of time. I hope that we are still friends.
6th (#Juror4)- Alyssa N. [ oXAlyssaXo]- Alyssa you are my bestest friend. I really wish that you could've told us that you were leaving tengaged. We became friends instantly, and we were a team, and our friendship does remind us of Cameron and Janet from last season. You do hold a record for most times nominated Post-Nominations with Janet. I hope that you come back to tengaged. I love you Alyssa.
5th(#Juror5)- Will S. [ SurvivorFan37]- Will I told you when you won your first HOH that I..

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