Rihanna's ANTI (Album Cover)

2 LacrosseAllStar, Nov 24, 2015

Has a crown, on a child, that looks like Blue Ivy.
Anti - Christ


Fuck Marry Kill

1 RasCity, Jun 6, 2015

F JustMe
M Jenna2010
K Gagaluv (inbe4 punished for death threats? #illuminati)



1 Styxxe, Mar 30, 2015



As I said like a hour ago

27 Lucinda, Mar 18, 2015

People cared about my shop more than I did, it's totally fine - I have A LOT OF TS and gift back all the people I owe. Also I have friends willing to gift them for me too so if I owe you a gift, don't worry and be patient.
I am not planning to compete ever again since it's not even worth it but I appreciated all the support I got through over a year of competing with different shops, even if JUMANJI was the TOP. Also if it wasn't for shops I'd have never got to talk to RoughNightBro and he's literally the person i'm closest to (He's awesome so support him in stars, if u supported my shop!)
Special thanks to the designers who spoiled me with their chic stuff: Gemma17, SexyBanana, Tofutime & Wonderland.
Thanks to all the friends who supported my shop and good luck to everyone who's gonna try to compete from now on.
And damn, I wish i was as good as Malibu! #ILLUMINATI


what if race to black

1 ShayyBayy, Feb 25, 2015

is just a strategy for randomize's website to see a sudden spike in registrations? to make the site seem more popular than it REALLY is?


Post Your Name

12 Loopulle, Dec 21, 2014

And I'll tell you how I know that you're in the #Illuminati.
_Aria - Easy! A-ri-a has three syllables in it. In addition, the only letters used in your name are "A," "R" and "I." Also, 344 games played. Starts with a three and has three digits. Your highest rank was 120th. 1+2=3. You're also in the final THREE in Stars. *sighs* Could there any doubt in one's mind that you're in the Illuminati?
Arcaninemaster - Again with syllables. Ar-can-ine 'cause let's face it: that's what you go by. Arcanine is a pokemon. Po-ke-mon. I might also add that Arcanine is 6'3" tall. Notice the threes in there? And how about that six? Hmmm. Three and six. Reminds me of 666 and Satan! Only a complete and utter fool would deny your admission in the Illuminati. Oh, and the word master? It's referring to the Illuminati being the master of all.
rohanchaubey - That Beautifly outfit that possesses you is proof in itself. This pokemon is 3'3" tall. Furthermore, it came in the third generation and is number 267 in the pokedex. The digital root of such number is six. Its EV yield is also three (special attack). Your top blogs also suffice as evidence. Of your top blogs, three contain the number three. You also have the user Thirteen added. Speaking of friends, you have three pages of them. And look at your games played. I mean, 39 pages? To deny your existence in the Illuminati is to post pornography on Tengaged: complete idiocy.
Striky - Three pages of friends. Nine pages of games, with 63 games. You like a-ni-me. You have 57 donations, and 5+7=12 which has a digital root of three. I'm not surprised. You also have six bets placed currently. Need I go on? The Satanic numbers in your profile are quite shocking. Oh, and you play as Shion. How many moras and hiragana characters are in such name (しおん)? Three!
acyuta - Your name has three syllables in it. You are playing three games currently, and currently have six bets (and have six pages of bet). You also have two of the above Illuminati members as friends right on your first page. Look at your first top blog. Third! Furthermore, you're 18 and 1+8=9 and the square root of such number is none other than three. They say that the numbers don't lie, and neither do your social standings. You, sir, are most definitely in the Illuminati.
sosyomomma - You have three pages of friends, and have 93 pages of games. On your first came, you got 13th, which just happens to be the sixth unique Fibonacci number (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13). You are also a blood level, and guess which group does blood sacrifices! You guessed it! It's the Illuminati. How about those 24 donations? Well, 2+4=6, and the average of those two numbers gives us three. Three sixes gives us 666, which refers to Satan Himself donating his power towards you by inviting you into the Illuminati...



2 Loopulle, Dec 5, 2014

Fighterman is a confirmed #Illuminati member. Proof below:
1) He wants to gift SIX people. Six is an Illuminati number, of course.
2) Look at his karma and games played.
Karma: 433
Played: 131
I see three threes. Three is an Illuminati number. Seeing it thrice makes it even worse.
3) His most recent game is a Fastings and he got 15th. One plus five is six.


I'm At School

3 Loopulle, Dec 3, 2014

And this girl in my grade has a hoodie with three triangles on it.


im serious.

2 Daniel123456, Oct 20, 2014

all the mods just negged me. #Illuminati


*gains karma*

1 temponeptune, Oct 1, 2014

*goes down 3 rankings*


It's a Conspiracy

1 Archerskyfire, Jul 30, 2014

My power went out this morning, my wifi was horrible all day, and tengaged shut down. There's only one explanation


All of the black queens

5 temponeptune, Jul 20, 2014

That tengaged support start with a j
Three people
Three sides on a triangle


How do i fix this

2 temponeptune, Jul 6, 2014

A skype chat I was added to only appears on my phone and not on my computer


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