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For Real Tho.

2 noah_kondon, Aug 13, 2018



For everyone who doesn't know

7 YasGaga, Apr 14, 2016

To get eggs the chickens are placed in cages their entire life and likely suffer injury while all makes chicks are sent into a grinder to meet their death. To make milk you must rape YES RAPE a cow by sticking your entire up inside of them to artificially make then pregnant while they live awful lives tied up 24/7. Make cows will be made into veal and female ones will grow up to make milk and get raped more than 10 times in their lives with ourgrown utters until they die very prematurely and made into meat. Other males will grow up to be de horned, mark with hot iron poles, and then slaughtered harshly. #GoVegan


All arguments against veganism

0 YasGaga, Apr 13, 2016

Make no sense. #GoVegan for the animals, the world, the people, and for yourself.


Let's get this trending again woot woot

1 YasGaga, Apr 8, 2016

#GoVegan for your health and the animals


My blog about meat flopped

2 YasGaga, Apr 6, 2016

Edit: But i got #GoVegan trending so


Honestly if you eat meat

15 YasGaga, Apr 6, 2016

You're disgusting. If everyone went vegetarian/vegan
- World hunger would LITERALLY stop
- Global warming would begin to reverse itself
- The 56 Billion animals that die a year due to meat industry would live on
- Animal overpopulation would NOT happen as all animals are FORCE BRED
- You would live a longer and happier life
- The entire would does better
- Your chance of a heart attack as a meat eater is 50% while a vegan or vegetarian's is only 15% as well as you chance of cancer tremendously dropping.
Meat and dairy is disgusting and I dont understand why people still continue to slaughter billions of innocent animals EVERY YEAR only for taste.
If you want world peace and to end world hunger there is just one thing you must do.
If you would like to see more about where your food is coming from please watch this documentary called "Earthlings"
I'm happy to be a vegan and hope i help some of you see what's really wrong with the world.
#GoVegan #SaveTheWorld #castings #survivor #hunger #stars

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