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265 days 3 hours ago
Below is the application for AIRHEADS. Answer the application questions as your character. When we say general bio, we def mean general. Just tell us who your character is as a person. We will be using these applications as guidelines for your character’s actual biography. If you have any questions or just want to talk about your character before applying, all of our mails are open. Please feel free to be a little over-the-top with your application.



Character Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Voted Most Likely to:
Favorite Character from Glee:
Character traits:
General bio:
Face Claim:



Q: What is *the* sport to play?
A: Tennis. Mary Todd Lincoln has a football team, but they really suck.

Q: Can boys play tennis?
A: Anybody can play tennis.

Q: Are there other extracurriculars, because I’m not a tennis/football girl/boy?
A: Yes. You could be a cheerleader, on the Morning News crew, in Student Government, or a member of the Glee Club Fan Club. Or, like, you could just put "None" if you don't want to be in a club.

Q: But are those really the only other clubs?
A: Ugh fine, just mail us an idea if you’re thinking of something else, and we shall consider it.

Q: Okay cool, I will.
A: That’s not a question.

265 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Dakota Pink
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Win a Voted Most Likely to Poll
Favorite Character from Glee: Quinn Fabray
Extracurricular: Student Government
Character traits: Pretentious, Careless, Devious, Stiff, but like, Really Pretty
General bio: Dakota Pink is the Student Body President of Mary Todd Lincoln High School, who rules with a rose-gold-will and her Pink Ladies by her side. She has unsuccessfully tried to trademark both the name “Pink” and the term “Pink Ladies” while vehemently insisting that she has never seen Grease, Grease on Broadway, Grease Live on NBC, or Grease 2 for that matter. She takes pride in the fact that her Pink Ladies are all “minorities,” even though they’re actually all Caucasian™. Her favorite pastime is convincing other people to get bangs, and her favorite color is hot hot pink, which is hot pink, but even hotter.
Face Claim: Carly Chaikin
265 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Margot Jagger
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Yes
Voted Most Likely to: Turn Around and Rip the Condom Off
Favorite Character from Glee: Quinn Fabray but when she was punk
Extracurricular: None
Character traits: Lowkey, Easy, Confident, Independent, Cynical, Deceiving
General bio: Margot Jagger is a no-nonsense “normal girl” with a sex drive that can go from 0 to 60 in five seconds. She usually bounces from pony to pony, but is known to come back for seconds every once in a while. In third grade, she told everyone in her class that her mother was dead, and her mom made her apologize to the class the next week. After that, she started stealing jewelry from small shops on the boardwalk and hanging around the pier to tell guys that she could surf, even though she couldn’t. She was the first girl at Mary Todd Lincoln Middle School to grow breasts, and she’s been swinging them left and right ever since.
Face Claim: Molly Gordon
265 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Sissy Moss
Age(16-17):  17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Hit a Pedestrian with Her Car While Texting
Favorite Character from Glee: Quinn Fabray but when she was pregnant
Extracurricular: Tennis
Character traits: Wannabe, Fake, Social Climber, Insecure but really good at faking it until she makes it
General bio: Sissy Moss was a poster child for PC culture before moving to Kermit in junior high. She’s a half black beauty adopted by 2 gay dads when she was only 3. When one of them came out as transgender, her cis father left and Sissy began a fresh start with her new mom Shirley in Florida. Unfortunately for Sissy, thin lips and scrunchied wrists still reign supreme in Kermit. Desperate to fit in with the pale elite, she insists her “tan” is from using too much self-tanner and that her adoptive mom is just that ugly. In high school she found a way to rub shoulders with the popular kids by joining the Mary Todd Lincoln tennis team and is now one of their star players: just don’t compare her to Venus or Serena.
Face Claim: Madison Pettis
265 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Anne Olive
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Whoever thinks she’s pretty
Voted Most Likely to: Win a Hotdog Eating Contest
Favorite Character from Glee: Sue Sylvester
Extracurricular: Cheer
Character traits: Hungry, Mean-spirited, “Athletic,” Whiney, Honest
General bio: Anne Olive is an XL cheerleader at Mary Todd Lincoln High and one of Dakota’s Pink Ladies. She is considered a minority because of her BMI and the fact that her shoulders are one inch wider than Dakota’s on either side. She loves wearing her cheer outfit to school and eating food that doesn’t belong to her. Her parents have reported her missing twice because she falls asleep at the chinese buffet (where she has a running tab) and stays in the booths overnight. She makes fun of everybody to feel better about herself, but you better not call her out on it or she’ll steal your pudding cup.
Face Claim: Molly Tarlov
265 days 2 hours ago
Character Name:Logan 'Stoney' Slater
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Be in a band
Favorite Character from Glee: I've never watched glee but still cast me lmao
Character traits:Funny, Smart, Easygoing, chilled out,
General bio: Logan is called stoney by most of his friends and is your typical high school stoner but is very smart at science and wants to study philosophy at college. Stoney is a relaxed guy who likes to smoke J's with his friends and enjoys life. Stoney is also sings and plays guitar and is very talented at it
Face Claim:
265 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Kimberly Lachlan
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Start The First Gleek Nun Convent
Favorite Character from Glee: Rachel Berry
Extracurricular: Glee Club Fan Club
Character traits: Religious, Amiable, Ditzy, Impressionable, Optimistic
General bio: Kimberly Lachlan found herself homeschooled up until high school. Sheltered by her conservative, insanely-bigoted parents, she held a very narrow perspective on the outside world. While watching her favorite show, Glee, she had an awakening and desired a high school experience alike the characters of McKinley High. Often fearing God’s wrath, she continues to live a chaste, faithful life amongst the many "sinners," which her parents deem the students, she now attends with.
Face Claim: Kristine Froseth
264 days 22 hours ago
Character Name: Melrose Del-Rio
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Voted Most Likely to: Be a stripper
Favorite Character from Glee: Mercedes
Extracurricular: None
Character traits: Slutty, Free, Laidback, Confident, Smart, Down to Earth, Funny
General bio: Melrose gets buy high school but doing what the fuck she wants to do. She is very popular not because she does and after school activities it’s because her Instagram live is lit as fuck. She doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings and is most likely to expose your shit...Thats only if you cross her though. People think she is dumb but actually she got the 3rd highest score on the SATs. So if you wanna be friends with Melrose you are in for a good time.
Face Claim: Doja Cat
264 days 21 hours ago
Character Name: Nathan Smith
Age(16-17):  16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: travel the world
Favorite Character from Glee: Finn Hudson
Extracurricular: tennis
Character traits: kind, athletic, smart, adventurous, charming
General bio: Nathan isn't your typical jock at the high school. He is sporty, but also has a good head on his shoulders, though sometimes he downplays it. He can usually be found goofing off with his team mates
Face Claim: Ross Lynch
264 days 19 hours ago
Character Name: Cody Nichols
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Most Likely to Never be Single
Favorite Character from Glee: Finn Hudson
Extracurricular: Tennis and Student Government
Character traits: Athletic, Outgoing, loyal, ambitious
General bio: Cody is a member of the tennis and student government organization at Mary Todd Lincoln High. Cody moves to MTLH after his parent's nasty divorce that landed him living with his mother. Cody is a bit of a charmer for obvious reason and has had his share of ladies.
Face Claim: Brent Rivera
264 days 18 hours ago
Character Name: Serena Wagner
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: marry a cowboy
Favorite Character from Glee: Rachel Berry
Extracurricular: Choir, Drama Club, and ROTC
Character traits: funny, nice, smart, and bossy
General bio: Serena is the type of girl who is not afraid to speak her mind about someone. Serena has a twin sister named Crystal and they do mostly everything together except for dating the same guys.
Face Claim: Emma Watson


Character Name: Crystal Wagner
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: become president
Favorite Character from Glee: Quinn Fabray
Extracurricular: Cheerleading, Choir, and Drama Club
Character traits: nice, funny, smart, and athletic
General bio: besides being a twin with her sister, Serena, she is the co captain of the cheerleader squad and sometimes the lead role in the school musical.
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev
264 days 17 hours ago
Character Name: Minerva "Minnie" Cleverly
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight/curious
Voted Most Likely to: Bury her 8th husband
Favorite Character from Glee: Brittany Pierce but during her Tik Tok performance
Extracurricular: Student Government
Character traits: Hot-headed, arrogant, strategic, graceful, hardworking
General bio: Minnie knows she's the best, and she's going to make sure everyone knows that. Best at what, you ask? Well, you name it. When it comes down to buying offshore accounts in her father's name, hiring wealthy businessmen to proxy bid in the stock market, or calculating the exact Nordstorm-certified fashion index in her head to determine if you're even worth your time, she's your girl.
Face Claim: Maggie Budzyna
264 days 12 hours ago
Character Name: Paloma Quintanilla
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Be a Football Wife
Favorite Character from Glee: Lord Tubbington
Extracurricular: Cheer and hanging out with Thayer Daniels
Character traits: Vain, Loud, Crude, Impulsive, Loyal, Ambitious
General bio: Paloma swears to God she's Selena's cousin and that she's gonna win Best New Artist at the Grammys. It's not true and she knows no one believes her but she likes saying it anyway. She might be a little too 2019 for this 2009 town but she DOES love a good Juicy tracksuit and isn't afraid to dance to Loose by Nelly Furtado (her favorite album). Paloma is a bad girl and she's branded herself that way. As long as all the boys want to screw her and buy her expensive presents, she's good. Paloma doesn't intend to peak in high school, as soon as she can she's gonna get a job in the boutique in the mall and work her way up to Manager while working on her album and winning the Grammy.

Face Claim: Alexa Demie
264 days 11 hours ago
Character Name: Chloe Rivera
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Marry for money
Favorite Character from Glee: Santana Lopez
Extracurricular: Cheer
Character traits: manipulative, charismatic, intelligent, ruthless, strong-willed, independent
General bio: The twin of Indie, Chloe has always been significantly less bubbly than her sister. Fiercely independent and refusing to care about what others think of her, Chloe has almost no filter (unless she wants to) and says whatever the hell is on her mind. This has created an image of bluntness that people expect of her, which she doesn’t mind, giving that it makes it much easier to get what you want from people if they think you aren’t full of shit. The only person she really cares about at all is Indie, but even then, she hasn’t ever been able to love her sister as much as she loves herself. Will she be able to get over her self-centeredness and open up to people? Just kidding, obviously not.
Face Claim: Amanda Arcuri
264 days 11 hours ago
Character Name: Adrien Yankovich
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Undecided
Voted Most Likely to: Be Valedictorian
Favorite Character from Glee: Tina because no one likes Tina and that makes him sad.
Extracurricular: Glee Club Fanclub and Student Government
Character traits: Intelligent, talkative, nerdy, empathetic, awkward, friendly.
General bio: Adrien's always been a smart kid, too smart for his own good, and a bit of a blabber mouth. His parents have doted on him way too much and he's always been pressured to be the good child, especially when they adopted his brother Mark. Cracking under the pressure of being smarter, better behaved, and perfect in every way, he's started doing drugs unknown to his entire family including his foster brother. He's terrified that someone might find out because it would ruin his extremely elaborate plan on getting into a good-standing arts college and meeting Paris Hilton when he becomes famous for being the first guy to play Elle Woods (and don't shatter that dream for him!)
Face Claim:
Dylan O'Brien
264 days 11 hours ago
Character Name: Justin "Lincoln"
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Voted Most Likely to: Be A Late-Night Talk Show Host
Favorite Character from Glee: Mercedes
Extracurricular: News Crew
Character traits: Passionate, Driven, Comedic, Fun
General bio: Lincoln hates his first name, that's why he goes by his last name instead since Lincoln sounds cooler, and it's his favorite president. From a young age he's always been addicted to finding the truth, he liked reading sherlock novels, and creating little mystery in his head. However he doesn't want to do all that investigating stuff, that's kinda lame, instead he wants to present this truth to the world whether it's strange or just boring he still wants to share. That's why he loves news broadcast and he hopes to make it big in it.
Face Claim:
Timothée Chalamet

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