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RP Co-Hosted by Mildsalsa, Crocadilly, and Chicklet

[Mature Content]


AIRHEADS is a horror-comedy set in Kermit, Florida, an idyllic beach town where there’s never any pulp in the orange juice and everybody still loves Glee. The students of Mary Todd Lincoln High School, already trying to survive the vapid and eccentric world of Floridian teenage politics, find themselves potential victims to a cryptic, lip-stick-wielding serial killer at the center of a vast murder conspiracy.


Pink Ladies:
💄Dakota Pink - Mildsalsa ☠️DEAD ☠️
💄Anne Olive - TallulahBelle ☠️DEAD ☠️
💄Kay Potter - PoohSnap
💄Athena Caine - Maya10
💄Sissy Moss - Crocadilly
💄Holly Harrington - Rain848
💄Fletcher Robbins - Pokepat

Tennis Snobs:
🎾Grant Rhodes - Piddu
🎾Nathan Smith - pokemaster1989
🎾Cody Nichols - Brandonh1
🎾Brad Harrington - Coyle14

Football Jocks:
🏈Connor Fitzgerald - Rain848 ☠️DEAD ☠️
🏈Mark Yankovich - Bigdizzleyomama
🏈Sticky Langford - KOKidd
🏈Martin Davies - Hudspith

Try Hards / Student Government:
🎓Zia Willow - iGoddess
🎓Gideon Fitzgerald - Tizian
🎓Adrian Yankovich - Symmetry888
🎓Amala Wallace - Mitsuki

News Crew:
🎥Dahlia Flynt - Absol ☠️DEAD ☠️
🎥Indie Rivera - happiwildflower64
🎥Chase Newcombe - Logie56
🎥Bernie Choi - SirNiceGuy
🎥Justin Lincoln - Spinfur ☠️DEAD ☠️
🎥Cara Sarah - Glinda

🥔Lotus McDowell - dawnpeacly
🥔Stoney Slater - chillum
🥔Wendall Yurik - coolKat

Loners / Clique-less :
🚬 Margot Jagger - Chicklet
🚬 Evelynn Hall - Noxity
➕ Kimberly Lachlan - KingGeek
🧚🏻‍♀️ Roze Thorn - Demgirl6
👳🏽‍♀️ Ilma Rahmi - kgamer2218

💅🏽Paloma Quintanilla - Finnick
💅🏽Thayer Daniels - PennyTrationStan
💅🏽Chloe Rivera - dvs194

💄Sara Sarah ☠️DEAD ☠️??????????????????????
🐕Officer Canine

Season 1: Begins Friday the 13th
1. "Dead is the New Pink" - Series Premiere
2. "Discrimination Nation: The Musical"
3. "The Ghost of Fatty Nutt"
4. "TBA"
5. "TBA"


Featured Players 25 playing

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