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AIRHEADS Applications

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538 days 21 hours ago
Character Name: Dahlia Flynt
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: lesbian
Voted Most Likely to: Cause Drama for Personal Gain
Favorite Character from Glee: Santana but when she was closeted
Extracurricular: Morning News Crew.
Character traits: artistic, competitive, insincere, persistent, sly, vengeful
General bio: Since her first day at school, Dahlia has always been a bit of a troublemaker. Whether it's been stealing school supplies from the other kids, or reporting faked bullying incidents to get fellow students in trouble, she's never one to let a score go unsettled. One of her proudest moments was in the 8th grade where she started a rumor about another female classmate being pregnant, all because of a dispute over seating arrangements (she completely deserved it, because that was like, totally her seat on the first day). After getting suspended for that debacle, Dahlia decided that she needed a change- not to become a better person, but to never get caught again. Now that she attends Mary Todd Lincoln High, she's joined the news team and become a bit of a gossip guru, collecting little tidbits of info here and there, preparing for her bridge-burning, reputation-destroying streak to continue.

Face Claim: Madison Davenport
538 days 20 hours ago
Character Name: Indie Rivera
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: undecided
Voted Most Likely to: Most Talkative Student
Favorite Character from Glee: Blaine Anderson
Extracurricular:  Morning News Crew
Character traits: Hyper, Open, Naive, Friendly, Feisty, Talkative, bubbly
General bio: Indie Rivera can be a handful at times but everyone knows Indie and not just for the Mary Todd Lincoln Morning News. Mostly by her hair which is always a different color and if anyone could hold a conversation it would be Indie. She know how to chat your ears off. Indie lives with her dad and twin sister Chloe Rivera. Indie loves her sister even though Chloe pushes her around a bit. They are polar opposites which should be interesting. Stay tune!
Face Claim: amanda arcuri
538 days 20 hours ago
Character Name: Martin Hudspith
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: be a star athlete
Favorite Character from Glee: never seen it but i asked my sister and she said to say britney S
Extracurricular: Tennis
Character traits: arrogant self entitled privileged
General bio: Raised in England he moved to america a few years ago just as people were entering middle school education and quickly found his footing as a rich jock that has more money then manners He discovered he had a talent for tennis so joined up just to show how great he is. When he isnt showing off on the court he's showing off in the halls and outside of school with his expensive tastes and big house. He's loyal to those he sees as his equal (which isnt many people) and is all round just your typical jock   
Face Claim: Timothy Granaderos
538 days 18 hours ago
Character Name: Rosetta "Roze" Thorne
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Voted Most Likely to: Live in a Hot Topic
Favorite Character from Glee: Tina, but only when she was goth and faking a stutter
Extracurricular: None
Character traits: Quiet, sarcastic, intimidating, aloof
General bio: Roze is... something, alright. If her choice of going by Roze doesn't already turn you off, maybe it'll be the fact that you're most likely to find her lurking in weird places or staring you dead in the eyes like some sort of a creep. She's a bit of a loner, but goth girls make do so she tricks people into talking to her by selling drugs for days. She's got a few almost-friends, mostly the people she sells to, but she's not super close to anyone and would much rather be drowning her sorrows with alcohol and an old My Chemical Romance CD than anything else.
Face Claim: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (specifically from Scott Pilgrim)
538 days 18 hours ago

Character Name: Brad Harrington
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: "Straight"
Voted Most Likely to: Be Rich
Favorite Character from Glee: Santana <3
Extracurricular: Tennis
Character traits: Cocky, Charismatic, "Clever"
General bio: Brad comes from a wealthy family. The Harringtons invented something, but no one even remembers what they invented, but it doesn't matter because they're rich, like stupid rich. When Brad first came to Mary Todd Lincoln HS, he was pumped to do football, but when he heard how awful the team was and saw the babes on the tennis team, he immediately joined. Brad will do anything or anyone to get to the top to keep his family's name untarnished. Oh hes definitely straight btw. Totally straight. Loves Babes
Face Claim: Glen Powell
538 days 17 hours ago
Character Name: Chase Newcombe
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Voted Most Likely to: Jump off a bridge because everybody else is doing it
Favorite Character from Glee: Sue Sylvester
Extracurricular: Student Government, Morning News Crew
Character traits: Flexible, Reliable, Misguided, Vulnerable
General bio: Chase has rarely ever been one to appoint himself the leader of a group or attempt to stand up for himself, essentially known to most of the student body as a pushover. Chase transferred to Mary Todd Lincoln HS during his Sophomore year after an unexpected incident at his old school which he prefers to keep hidden. Chase’s weaknesses are easily seen as another person’s chance at opportunity, seeing as his gullible nature could find him winding up in any sort of situation.
Face Claim: Brandon Larracuente
538 days 16 hours ago
Character Name: Athena Caine
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Voted Most Likely to: To be Unique
Favorite Character from Glee: Rachel
Extracurricular:  Glee club
Character traits: Headstrong, hard worker  shy
General bio: Athena life has been bump on the road. Losing her left hearing, travel from state to state with her dad and founding out her mother is an addict takes the cake. But finally at ease when she finally gets to go to the Mary Todd Lincoln High School and to become something, make friends and join a club and volunteer at somethibg she enjoy. But this ain't no high school from movies fantasy that she expected
Face Claim: Liana Liberato
538 days 16 hours ago
Character Name: Holly Harrington
Age(16-17):  17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Ruin Your Life
Favorite Character from Glee: Jean Sylvester
Extracurricular:  Tennis Student Government and the Glee Fan Club
Character traits: Blunt, Calculating, Cunning, Charming
General bio: Holly, loves tennis she loves the outfit and loves putting her hair in a high pony and flaunting her cute little tennis skirts. Holly has a lot of responsibilities like maintaining her image and asserting her dominance when she can. She occasionally goes to then Glee Fan Club meetings because her sister whom is special loves to attend the meetings. Holly also plays a little games with the Yankovichs. More than likely she is having Adrien spilling all the gossip to her or she is playing with Mark wanting to mess with the boy who hides his pain picking on his brother. Holly on other occasion does Astrology Chart readings for the more spiritual students of the school. Holly is ready for a killer to step on to her life path because she is an Aries and she know she will be ready to take them down.
Face Claim: Holland Roden
538 days 15 hours ago
Character Name: Zia Willo
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Voted Most Likely to: Become president.
Favorite Character from Glee: Never seen it..
Extracurricular: Track and field, student body/government (president hopefully available)

Character traits: Outgoing, charming, sweet, natural leader
General bio: Zia has been that kid every year that gets along with everyone. She doesn't treat anyone different, everyone for the most part has liked her. Some people even get the running theme that she will be president one day. Or a ceo of a large company as she can influence people so smoothly, and has a kind heart. Most days she can be found smoking weed in school boundaries, hidden with the trouble makers. Any other time, she is doing homework or even running the track field. She is in her best head space on the track. She is also somewhat fearless, doesn't give two fucks.. Respectfully.
Face Claim: Crystal Reed
538 days 15 hours ago

Character Name: Ilma Rahmi
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Voted Most Likely to: never lose their virginity
Favorite Character from Glee: Tina when she was emo
Extracurricular:  Tennis
Character traits: Blunt, Intelligent, Quiet, Quick-Witted, Selfish
General bio: Ilma well she's a minority yes cue the gasp hollering and fainting I know right it's very shocking. Ilma was born in a Muslim household in the great old state of Ohio having lots of normal friends and normal people surrounding her, then her dad got a job in Florida and she had to build a new life. When she moved to Kermit 5 years ago she and still is was automatically the poorest bitch their and she gave zero fucks. She is very Quiet not having many friends even with joining the tennis team still if she does have “ Friends ” she really calls them acquaintances cause who has time for friends instead of trying to get out of Kermit. She is also one of the main targets of the pink ladies who she dubbed " Barbie's funhouse on crack cocaine. " Where she learned how to give quick-witted comebacks and snarky remarks to anywho who says anything about her or her hijab.
Face Claim: Mina El Hammani
538 days 4 hours ago
Character Name: Michael "Mikey" Riley
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Voted Most Likely to: Become a celebrity
Favorite Character from Glee: Kurt Hummel
Extracurricular: Tennis, Student Government
Character traits: Sassy, competitive, honest, confrontational and fun
General bio: Mikey has always fit in at Kermit, however they recently came out as gender queer and actively compete with others who have an issue with them not identifying as a boy or a girl, this has raised issues within the tennis club, however Mikey continues to dominate the competition there aswell. They are not scared of confronting people about their issues and has argued with a number of people around the school. Mikey continues to balance an active social life whilst still fitting in.
Face Claim: Sheldon Riley
538 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Connor Fitzgerald
Age(16-17): 17
Gender:  Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Voted Most Likely to:  Charm your pants off
Favorite Character from Glee: Sam
Extracurricular: Football
Character traits: Humble, Charming, Confident, Gullible
General bio: Connor is the youngest of the Fitz Twins and most say probably the more better looking one. Connor is comfortable in own skin and is very confident he typically like to rag on his brother for letting the people around him take advantage. But Gideon always retorts that Connor is the same way. Which is true. He just doesn’t notice it being nice comes easy to him as getting the things he wants. Connor is fairly gullible at one point he actually believed Paloma was related to Selena until Gideon told and laughed at him for days about it. Connor recently came out and is not sure of the ramifications of this he is ready to defend himself if need be but he is in trouble because he trusts everyone. Will his trusting and forgiving nature be his down fall.
Face Claim: Chris Zylka
538 days 3 hours ago
Character Name: Gideon Fitzgerald
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Accomplish The Phrase, "Nice Guys Finish Last".
Favorite Character from Glee: Mr. Shue.
Extracurricular: Student Government
Character traits: Prudent, Hard-Working, Jealous, Quixotic, Caring, Reserved.
General bio: Gideon Fitzgerald is the older Fitz Twin and compared to his brother, he is probably the smarter one. It can be said Gideon is the shyer twin, which makes perfect sense compared to his brother. People can step over him easily and he is constantly nit-picked by his brother because of this, but he only retaliates in saying he is the same (which is true). Gideon is genuinely a hard-working student at Mary Todd Lincoln. Not only does he work alongside Dakota and others in Student Government, he currently resides as Valedictorian, tutors fellow students, volunteers outside of school, works twenty hours a week, and has an honest belief that he has a brighter future than the majority of the school population. Unfortunately for him, Student Government is probably the hardest for him. Essentially, Gideon is the engine that makes the Student Government work, putting in countless hours to set-up, come up with ideas, and rally students, yet lets Dakota 'n the Pink Ladies thrive off it and get the credit. Only a slim amount notice, maybe even care, but it's not like somebody is going to tell off the Pink Ladies.
Face Claim: Max Thieriot
538 days 2 hours ago
Character Name: Grant Rhodes
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Not be able to perform.
Favorite Character from Glee: Finn AFTER he died (with respect to the actor of course).
Extracurricular:  Tennis, previously football.
Character traits: Privileged, Delusional, Stuck-Up, Stiff, Driven, and a Tool
General bio: Grant knows his shit doesn't stink - it really doesn't. He is straight, white, and fit, the three most valuable qualities in society. He was once part of the football team but soon realized he was way too good for them after they started allowing gays on the team. He swears he left them but there were rumors floating around school regarding the coach finding viagra in his football locker resulting in his suspension. He has now devoted his time to playing tennis in an attempt to regain his spotlight and enforce his new campaign #MakeTennisStraightAgain. He's not that great but it does give off the rich, country club vibes plus the girls tennis team practices right across and girls in tight, little skirts are always a motivation for him to show up to practice.
Face Claim: Jacob Elordi
538 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Mark Yankovich
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
Voted Most Likely to: Laugh at people’s misfortune
Favorite Character from Glee: Every character except for Tina because that’s Adrien’s favorite
Extracurricular: Football, and Glee Club Fan Club, but not by choice
Character traits: Moody, Hard headed, Unsympathetic, Irresponsible
General bio: Mark was adopted at the age of 9 after losing his family due to an accident at a Mariah Carey Concert . Mark wasn’t willing to really get used to his familyand tried everything he could to go back to the orphanage, but the family was too stubborn. As he grew up his hate for them and his “brother” Adrien grew and he would draw pretty gruesome pictures of them being hit by trains and such and even on one occasion drew them being roasted alive by beyonce and other members of the illuminati. He mostly spends his time at football and hanging out with people who can actually tolerate him which unfortunately seems to only be his brother so far. Adrien is always dragging Mark into shit he doesn’t want to do like Glee Club the Fan Club, so as revenge Mark always gets Adrien dragged into his troubles. One of his favorite stories to tell is when he got the house cat drunk and blamed Adrien for it when his parents got home. This is perfect because, Mark knows if anything goes wrong he can just blame it on Adrien, because he hates him a lot and wants to smoother him under a pillow one day.
Face Claim: Connor Swindells

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