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503 days 12 hours ago
Character Name: Fletcher Robbins
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Closeted)
Voted Most Likely to: Fall Asleep in Class
Favorite Character from Glee: Mike Chang
Extracurricular: Tennis
Character traits: Gullible, Depressed, Frustrated, Anxious, Cowardly
General bio: Although Fletcher tries to put on his best happy face when around others, most people know he's the depressed kid in their school. Most of his depression stems from him trying to submerge his sexuality to desperately keep up the straight act, and his lonely nights watching Cupcake Wars reruns since his rich parents are always away and leaving him by himself at their mansion. He claims his home-schooled girlfriend, Mariah, from Slovakia is his one and only and is utterly dedicated to their relationship, even though he has never once showed anyone a picture of her or been seen talking to her on the phone. While Fletcher hates tennis and it even further contributes to his sadness, Grant pressured him into joining the #MakeTennisStraightAgain and Fletcher figured that if he didn't join, then Grant would think something was up and he was definitely not having that.
Face Claim: Brandon Flynn
503 days 10 hours ago
Character Name: Wendall Yurik
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Only out to a select few)
Voted Most Likely to: Be gay but stay in the closet for eternity
Favorite Character from Glee: Never watched glee but I got Rachel on a personality quiz I just took so yah
Extracurricular: Morning News and Tennis
Character traits: Wendall is very ambitious and likes to succeed in anything he can. He’s also very shy and is careful with how he composes himself to hide his homosexuality.
General bio: Wendall is neither the smartest or the toughest or the most comfortable with himself. In fact ranking those 3 things being comfortable with himself would be on the bottom rank. He’s known he was gay ever since middle school and from then to now only his two besties know, and even telling them took a very long time for Wendall to get enough courage. Wendall has heard of the #MakeTennisStraightAgain (and like Fletcher) thought this would further enhance his case that he’s straight.
Face Claim: Jack Dylan Grazer
503 days 9 hours ago
Character Name: Lotus McDowell
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: A good ol’ lesbian
Voted Most Likely to: Kiss a frog
Favorite Character from Glee: Artie
Extracurricular:  Debate club
Character traits: Lotus is smart, good willed, and loves nature. She can be quiet but outgoing at times. She’s kind but will put a bitch in their place if need be. She loves to write and spend time outdoors.
General bio: Lotus has a happy-go-lucky attitude. She never lets anything get her down unless it’s something serious. She’s very skilled in debate and she will always have her say. She loves goofy things that make no sense, like canned bread or eating pizza with utensils, which she does. She secretly believes that the world is flat but will never admit it, and she has a weird obsession with koi fishes... with necks, interesting, right? Lotus will snatch the hearts of many, and I do mean literally.
Face Claim: Aimee Lou Wood
503 days 7 hours ago
Character Name: Skylar "Sticky" Langford
Sexual Orientation:Pansexual
Voted Most Likely to: Win A Superbowl
Character from Glee: Never Watched it... But Artie seemed cool
Extracurricular: Football
Character traits:Outgoing, Brash, Headstrong, Scared
General bio: Sticky is the only good thing about football to come outta Mary Todd Lincoln since...well ever. Sticky is the best Wide Receiver the town has ever seen which is what made Sticky stay home instead of go off to a better school with a better team he was scared that he might not be the best like everyone has always told him he was.  But when Sticky isnt playing football he's out partying which could be his biggest downfall.
Face Claim: KJ Apa
503 days 7 hours ago
Character Name: Bernard "Bernie" Choi
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Voted Most Likely to: Get rejected by his crush.
Favorite Character from Glee: Has never watched Glee but will say Sue Sylvester for the Hell of it.
Extracurricular: Morning News
Character traits: Bernie is an uncomfortable shut-in, who will probably socialize with you in school but out of that it's pretty much a toss-up. He's invested in his hobbies and little else, but get him talking about his favorite shows and it will be hours before he shuts up.
General bio: Bernie's your average high school geek; scrawny, wears glasses, has a pocket protector on some of his shirts. He has height, but that's about it. He's an average student, but people tend to bother him about help with homework because he's usually the only one in class who wears glasses. Rather, he's either writing for the morning news or about his favorite TV shows. You think he knows everything there is to know about that one anime? He probably does. What about your favorite live-action superhero show starring a C-list actor? That too, especially. He's a bonafide geek, and though he isn't happy with a lot of things, he's damn proud of that.
Face Claim: Andre Kim
503 days 6 hours ago
haracter Name: Chanel Davenport
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight but Questioning
Voted Most Likely to: Push someone down the stairs to get first
Favorite Character from Glee: Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones
Extracurricular: Morning News Crew, Cheer, and Student Body Government
Character traits: Bitchy, Bossy, Controlling, Demanding, Selfish, Driven, and Determined But she is also Loyal, Caring, and Nice
General bio: Chanel likes to think she is that bitch and she might be but when she isn't talking shit or getting straight A's, she's crying herself to sleep. Her whole life has been a mess since her mom "accidentally" overdosed on herion, when Chanel was in the 7th grade, ever since then Chanel has devoted her life to being more than a trailer trash slut like her mom.
Face Claim: Ajiona Alexus
503 days 6 hours ago
Character Name: Andrew "Andy" Brown
Age(16-17): 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Voted Most Likely to: To Be A Sugar Baby
Favorite Character from Glee: Quinn and Kitty
Extracurricular: Tennis
Character traits: Bitchy, Driven, Smart, and Kind
General bio: Andy hates Kermit and most of the people in it but he especially hates his parents and tennis, the only reason her joined the tennis team was to please his homophobic parents, who are in denial that he's gay, and when he's not playing tennis or complaining, he's applying glitter to eyelids and cheeks to sneak out to do drugs, drink, and hookup with random men.
Face Claim: Cody Fern
503 days 3 hours ago

Character Name: Kay Potter
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
Voted Most Likely to: Build a career from starring in The Bachelor
Favorite Character from Glee: Kitty
Extracurricular: Tennis; Ex-Cheerleader
Character traits: Extroverted, bubbly, crazy, hot mess, fun-loving
General bio: After a life time of "Ready? Oh-"Kays!", Kay is entering her junior year with a vengeance and the ire of the entire cheerleading squad, after getting put on probation for a certain video that ended up on Twitter of Kay, in her cheerleading uniform, snorting cocaine off of her (ex) boyfriend's six-pack abs at a party. Rather than spend her entire fall benched and dealing with catty bitches, she left and tried out for the tennis team, because Serena Williams is an icon. After being the first of her friends to try literally everything, Kay is looking to branch out and make friends (and hunnies) on her level that have never even touched football field astroturf. She's feeling very indie, tbh.
Face Claim: Hilary Duff
503 days 2 hours ago

Character Name: Thayer Daniels
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Voted Most Likely to: Never Get His License (get it, because he's like, gay? mhm, right)
Favorite Character from Glee: Blaine Anderson -- but mostly cause he was hot
Extracurricular: Cheer
Character traits: Sneaky, dramatic, gay, insecure, gay, easy, slutty, oh and also he's gay
General bio: Thayer Daniels knew he wasn't like the other boys ever since he picked up The Fame Monster CD way back in '09. So did everyone with working eyes and working ears. Not to enforce gender stereotypes or anything like that of the sort, but Thayer's the gayest gay you could ever gay for. So gay in fact, his father left him right around when he was six. So gay that he got nicknamed "Gayer Daniels" in the third grade. Now battling severe daddy issues, being the ONLY male cheerleader at his school, hooking up with married, supposedly straight men on Grindr and having to deal with his hippy mom who basically lives on her yoga mattress, Thayer tries to survive high school by allying himself with the pink-wearing devils themselves. But not because he likes him or anything -- in fact, if he had the chance to dethrone those bitches, he'd take it in a blink of an eye -- but he knows the chances of the Pink Ladies getting what's coming up their hairy asses are pretty slim.
Face Claim: Garrett Clayton
502 days 23 hours ago
Character Name: Emmett
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation:straight
Voted Most Likely to: secure the bag
Favorite Character from Glee:Brittany
Extracurricular:  Football
Character traits:high all the time,not to friendly,funny as fuck,sarcastic
General bio: moved from Michigan and now I hate Florida but the weed and the football could make any thots that happen to be hot will cheer me up.Plus this town is hella white so I’m popular by black demand.
Face Claim:
501 days 14 hours ago
Character Name: Amala Wallace
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Liberated 

Voted Most Likely to: Throw paint on your fur coat.
Favorite Character from Glee: Never seen it.
Extracurricular:  Student Government
Character traits: Know-It-All, Holier-than-thou, Open minded.

General bio: Amala is exactly what you'd expect from the daughter of two proud flower-children of the sixties. She's a granola eating, eco-conscious, eating meat is second only to murder, self proclaimed free woman. You would think her lack of friends would be thanks to her family constantly moving every few years, but it mostly stems from her total lack of social awareness as she tends to come off well... just a smidge insufferable. But friends or no friends, the girl has a plan, clad in her nasty woman button and pussyhat proudly atop her head, she's going to save the world one long winded speech at a time.
Face Claim: Zoe Kravitz
498 days 22 hours ago

Character Name: Cordelia lansing
Age(16-17): 17
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Voted Most Likely to: make it to Hollywood
Favorite Character from Glee:kitty
Extracurricular: cheer captain and student body president 
Character traits: funny, witty, hot
General bio: Cordelia is the talk of the town cause not only is she smart she’s pretty, Cheer captain and was just voted into student government she is dating a cast member but not who’d u expect
Face Claim: Molly McGrath

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