Killer Secrets Season 1


When a group of high schoolers travel to Kenzie’s resort in the woods they get more than they bargain for. Their pasts come back to haunt them as secrets come out, relationships crumble, and oh ya a group of masked killers start picking them off one by one. Can this group of friends come together to survive this attack or will their new found problems get them all killed?

Becky Harris, 16
Freddy ‘Fred’ Waxman, 18
Benny Kopelman, 17
Brendan Kopelman, 17 (Logie56)
Carter Kosmos,16 (Rennac)
Alice Carter,17 (Rain848)
Raven Tran,17 (dvs194)
Madison Sinclair,17 (TomokoKuroki)
Raye Black,18 (Hazbez94)
Daffy Mox,17 (Finnick)
Petra Parsons,18 (Ryanandrews)
Dinah Piloske,16 (Tizian)
Trevor Ward,17 (Symmetry888)
Evan Ward,18 (Demgirl6)
Minerva “Minnie” Matthews,18 (awesome2210)
Simon Wright,16 (Icebear)
Kenzie Linkton (throat Slit)
Naomi Hollywood (Westtemp) (Face bashed in)
Eve Jung,16 (Cyrus) (Impaled)
Aimee Harte,17 (Britishromeo17) (Beaten to Death)

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Episode 2: Tears and Lies
1186 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 258 days 8 hours ago
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256 days 20 hours ago
Episode 2 date
14 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 264 days 6 hours ago
Last post by TomokoKuroki
263 days 3 hours ago
Episode 1: Killer Vacation
1292 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 275 days 2 hours ago
Last post by Symmetry888
273 days 19 hours ago
Premiere Date
8 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 282 days 3 hours ago
Last post by IceBear
280 days 15 hours ago
Start date?
14 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 286 days 18 hours ago
Last post by Demgirl6
283 days 23 hours ago

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Killer Secrets Season 1

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