Mud's Survivor Season 14

Congratulations to Will (IceBeast), the winner of Survivor: The Arctic Circle!

Past winners:
Borneo: virgie88 (6-0)
Babylon: ThePug (4-3)
France: ZforZombie (6-2-0)
Greece: cole225 (5-3)
Pearl Islands: Robinhood99 (8-1-0)
All Stars: rabbaj (7-3-0)
Blood vs Water: Emotion (4-2-2)
Cagayan: wheels26 (5-2)
Cambodia: CoachWade (7-3-0)
Germany: Lemjam6 (5-2-1)
Morocco: BluJay112 (4-3)
Tasmania: BrainJak (4-3-2)
Arctic Circle: IceBeast (5-3-0)

Throughout the 12 seasons of Mud’s Survivor series, castaways have witnessed some of the most breathtaking, dangerous, and isolated locations on Earth. They have been faced with plenty of game-changing twists that have been adapted to, but also have caused the downfall of many. For this season of Mud’s Survivor, we are doing things a little differently than you might think. We are currently near Lomonosov Ridge, an area so far north that only a few have reached it. In the Arctic Circle, 20 castaways will have to survive like never before in order to claim the title of Sole Survivor. Not only is the location much different, but the social and strategic aspects of the game are bound to be flipped upside down. With all castaways starting on the same tribe, as well as two new advantages being introduced into the game, it will definitely be an interesting and unique season of Survivor. Despite the conditions and the changes in social politics and strategy, one individual will be able to adapt to these changes, and will be able to outwit, outplay, and outlast the others in order to claim the title of Sole Survivor. Who will be able to adapt to the new aspects of the game, and use them to their advantage in order to propel themselves forward?

39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!

20th: Derick (DerickBirch) (15-2-1*-1-1) Chukchi
19th: Cai (abeledaa) (16-2-1) Chukchi
18th: Howard (Howard34) (10-7-1) Chukchi
17th: Robby B (RobbX2) (10-4-1*-1-1) Chukchi
16th:  Zac (VegasBoy94) (4-4) (4-2 revote) Chukchi/Breddegrad
15th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) (5-2) Chukchi/Breddegrad
14th: Tomas (TR1364) (7-1) Chukchi/Laengde
13th: Raul (MrBird) (3-2-1) Chukchi/Breddegrad
12th: Azri (subfriend) (3-2-1) Chukchi/Breddegrad/Breddegrad
11th: Sarge (sarge455) (3-2) Chukchi/Laengde/Breddegrad
10th: Meli (cereal222) (4-2) Chukchi/Laengde/Laengde
9th: Jake (tundrahenry101) (3-2) Chukchi/Laengde/Laengde
8th: Robby J (Robbyjak) (4-3-1) Chukchi/Laengde/Laengde/Chukchi
7th: Holly (obey_me) (3-3) (3-1 revote) Chukchi/Laengde/Breddegrad/Chukchi
6th: Brien (justdontevictme) (5-1) Chukchi/Breddegrad/Laengde/Chukchi
5th: Luke (IceBear) (2**-2-1**) Chukchi/Breddegrad/Laengde/Chukchi
4th: Sergio (sihz) (3-1) Chukchi/Breddegrad/Laengde/Chukchi
3rd: Alan (AlanDuncan) (0 votes to win) Chukchi/Breddegrad/Breddegrad/Chukchi
2nd: Brian (cfff) (3 votes to win) Chukchi/Laengde/Breddegrad/Chukchi
Sole Survivor: Will (IceBeast) (5 votes to win) Chukchi/Laengde/Breddegrad/Chukchi

Self-votes indicated by *
Idol plays indicated by **

*Credit to SammySosaTV for logo and tribe buffs*

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