Confessionals — Ian’s Survivor

S12: Survivor Disubodo - hellocat
S11: Survivor Seven Seas - Iceey
S10: Survivor Naruhata — Edge of Extinction - TotsTrashy
S9: Survivor Islands of Alchemy - waf96
S8: Survivor Anteiku — All-Stars - Russell11
S7: Survivor Hasetsu - Ethan000
S6: Survivor Konoha - Lemjam6
S5: Survivor Mt Hakurei - RedsKanto
S4: Survivor Soul Society - Absol
S3: Survivor East Blue - MoooHades
S2: Survivor Spirit Realm - Masonx
S1: Survivor Greed Island - bblover567

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Disubōdo Confessionals
180 postsCreated by Ethan000 on 36 days 2 hours ago
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18 days 14 hours ago
Ian's Survivor — Cast Assessments
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31 days 5 hours ago
Seven Seas Confessionals
160 postsCreated by Saftronbtr999 on 62 days 11 hours ago
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46 days 14 hours ago
Naruhata Confessionals
211 postsCreated by Saftronbtr999 on 89 days 12 hours ago
Last post by Ethan000
66 days 13 hours ago
Islands of Alchemy Confessionals
139 postsCreated by Saftronbtr999 on 118 days 12 hours ago
Last post by Ethan000
96 days 16 hours ago

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