Survivor S.Africa - Ponderosa

Welcome to Ponderosa.

You have been voted out of ItsOfficial - Survivor S.Africa - "Cursed Idol" and you are now on the Jury.

At the end of this game, you will be part of the select group that decide who wins the title of Sole Survivor.

This group is for you to share your opinions on the finalists. I will ask questions to everyone who arrives at Ponderosa to help everyone express themselves.

This group is PRIVATE. Only you and the other Jury members can see what is going on.

1. Fobbyiyg/Scott Y.
2. MarthaSpeaks/Selena L.
3. tyleror/Tyler Y.
4. BatmanTDI/Austin Y.
5. BOBROCKS333/Jacob S.
6. Broniak/Maxwell H.
7. steve4280/Steve S.
8. MicklePickle20/ Mickle P.

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Survivor S.Africa - Ponderosa

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