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Eviction 23 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


This cast is a bunch of sheeps. I'm trying to make some moves but it's not working. Apparently I'm a big threat so they keep nominating me. Save me and keep me here for longer because there's still much more I can and want to do. Gl kgun and kaushal!


I have tried my hardest in this game to not go up, unfortunately here I am. There are people with more power that are not nominated and if you guys give me a chance, I will go back and try to get them out. They had an easy ride..smh. Gl


I have tried my hardest this game to keep myself safe,sadly it wasn't enough. If you chose to save me though I can try even harder to win.  No matter what happens though I'm just glad to have participated
Good Luck Arris and Kaushal


  1. kgunzrokOmg I got the Least votes
  2. Typhlosion37:(
  3. WannaBeeFriendsKaushal, you have been EVICTED from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to pack up and go.
  4. Davidftw123ily all sorry anon
  5. IceBeastgl
  6. Guigievcited kaushal
  7. harrywasnakevicted arris
  8. NotNicky333voted based off of speeches
  9. Brendan05Buh bye Arris
  10. Simpizzlevoted
  11. TheGreatEyeVoted
  12. CutieAmyx
  13. LucyMcG1Voted
  14. noah_kondonVoted
  15. imprincearthurvoted
  16. KingGeekVoted
  17. Imthtawesomvoted
  18. honeybunch1voted
  19. _ivyyy_445voted GL
  20. CromatiqueVoted
  21. JamesluVotttedddd
  22. GoodKarenVoted
  23. Oliviaxoxovoted!
  24. JesseMVoted
  25. Delphii_WytchVoted
  26. joshie1Voted!!!!
  27. Ever24Done
  28. AlyssaBVoted!
  29. Styxxevoted
  30. megaxatu26save kgunzrok
  31. WannaBeeFriends12 hour poll. Good Luck Houseguests.
  32. LoopyCoco1OMG...