Season 1-Survivor INDIA: Rydog200 [6/7 Jury Votes]

Season 2-Survivor BRAZIL Premiere Date (approximate): Never

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Deep in South America, a country emerges. With dangerous wildlife, extreme heat, and unbearable weather, it is no surprise BRAZIL has been chosen as the location of A+B’s Second Survivor Season. Here, in Brazil, is where 12 new castaways will journey into the heart of Brazil, deserted from the outside world, and cut off from society. They will be joined by 4 returning players from Season 1, with 3 of them leading 3 tribes, while the fourth gets a free pass while waiting on Exile Island. 16 castaways will begin the journey of a life time, competing for the same title. With Exile Island full of deadly snakes and unprotected from the elements, there is no escaping the dangers of Brazil. With Exile Island in play this season, and 1 returnee per tribe along with 4 newbies per tribe, this will be the ultimate challenge. All 16 castaways will be stranded in an inhabited area of Brazil for the next 39 days. They will be left to fend for themselves and survive. They are from all walks of life, twelve strangers forced to work together while battling the elements, the four previous players and each other. They must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out. 16 of the castaways must work together and form alliances to stay in the game. They must make it to the end to stand in front of the jury and plead there case to why they deserve to become the Sole Survivor. In the end, only one will remain to claim what is equivalent to a million dollar prize-----a spot in another season of Survivor!
Survivor Brazil is ready to begin!
39 days, 12 new Survivors, 4 Returnees, 16 People, 1 SURVIVOR!

Co-hosts: Basketball200 and Allianceguy

Special thanks to: Paulmahoney64 (for supplying the group for us to use. We love you)


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1 postCreated by Basketball200 on 840 days 3 hours ago
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840 days 3 hours ago
A+B's Survivor History
3 postsCreated by ALLIANCEGUY on 1366 days 10 hours ago
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1319 days 2 hours ago
when will this start
2 postsCreated by C00LDUDE1000 on 1328 days 5 hours ago
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1328 days 2 hours ago
Applications for Season 2
24 postsCreated by ALLIANCEGUY on 1390 days 9 hours ago
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1340 days 22 hours ago
REUNION/Reading of the votes
431 postsCreated by ALLIANCEGUY on 1366 days 21 hours ago
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1364 days 2 hours ago

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  2. Merged Tribe Name-Vote For Your Favourite1389 days 8 hours ago
  3. Vote for the Hmar Tribe Leader1394 days 21 hours ago
  4. Vote for the Gond Tribe Leader1394 days 21 hours ago
  5. Vote for the Bodo Tribe Leader1394 days 21 hours ago

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