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Week 6: Up for Eviction (VOTE to SAVE!)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


People are straight up just dumb. Can't find any other explaination.
If you keep me, the power will shift and we will definetely see new faces in the polls.


Well this is honestly sad, nominating me on my 2 year anniversary on tengaged. If I get back in the house ,I'm going to make them pay for this.


Lmfao the sheep!! And x nominated me! Haha 3 time up guys let's show them what the queen of Iceland is!


  1. lruthskeltYandereboy12 for ze winna
  2. PoohSnap-120 votes cast-
  3. Jinxhyander
  4. iiVoloxitysaved yander!
  5. Yandereboy12Lmfao its between me and dylan
  6. _Ravenclaw_raven
  7. Guigiyander
  8. gagaluvYander
  9. SeongWooSaved yabdere
  10. mahoganyYandere is spamming FYI, but I'm gonna instead save Raven because yandere supports gagaluv and logan called tavvie into the duel
  11. Avalon saved Yandereboy12 DOE!
  12. Tidesaved yanfer
  13. FighterMansaved yander
  14. ColterSaved someone
  15. CoachWadesaved Dylan cuz he asked
  16. jjvawesomeness0511hoopppppppp
  17. hellocatSaved yandere
  18. JamesluLmao what are these nonsense excuses of voting someone Bc it’s there 2 year anniversary??! LOL ridiculous.
  19. JamesluVoted anon.
  20. ollyjay202Saved raven
  21. chhsfreshman2009Saved Raven
  22. TesterLhooper902976 Raven is good but Yandere sucks
  23. patricenka9Dylan
  24. Christian_Dylan
  25. Wolven6974Yandere
  26. CalebDaBossYandere
  27. pinkiepie512Saved Logan for his two year. I love all three of you though. :(
  28. FireXWow nommed on his 2 year. Gotta save logan
  29. jussy007Saved hoop
  30. AkeriaDone
  31. JasoiHoop
  32. Yandereboy12Me being nominated a third time!
  33. boicam77Poor lhooper being nominated on his 2 year anniversary saved him
  34. joneduardoIhooped <X
  35. PoohSnapDylan (Raven), Logan (lhoop), & Yandere have been nominated for eviction. Vote for who you'd like to STAY this week!