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Week 11: Up for Eviction (VOTE to EVICT!)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote




I tried to help them find the light. I gave them a chance of being redeemed. They didn't take it like the cowards they are. Help this 4th time up person continue the fight .


  1. PoohSnap-149 votes cast-
  2. honeybunch1thank you to those who saved me
  3. Yandereboy12I don't know who's staying
  4. JoeyTheGreatSaved Honey
  6. LockerAmisaved hoop legend
  7. jmain14Saved Hoop
  8. AvalonLhooper902976
  9. Christian37Saving Hoop
  10. Christian_Saved honey
  11. nojokegive honey a chance, she is the best of the bunch
  12. WestTempWas spammed to evict hooper, and since my profile says don't spam me I voted for honey.
  13. honeybunch1i worked hard to be where i am in this game please save me so i can back door some low life sheep
  14. 13bamEvicted the person I was asked to evict
  15. obey_meHooper but give to Ryan
  16. solesurvivor11Evicted who I was asked
  17. jb12evicted the person i was asked to evict
  18. AdamLovesEverythingSaved hooper
  19. adamgrantSaved honey <3
  20. TesterSorry, I was asked to save Honey first :/
  21. honeybunch1ugly assed Bitch
  22. honeybunch1so look in the fucking Mirror how ugly you are
  23. honeybunch1nobody like your ass to begin with
  24. honeybunch1shut the fuck up Fat Ass your shit definitely STINKS
  25. bigdizzleyomamaBut imagine saving honeyshes like a whack ass bitch and annoying
  26. bigdizzleyomamaEvicted honey even though this dumbass has been up 7 times
  27. JavioVoted lhooper
  28. DrG2Voted as I told to
  29. joneduardoVoted X
  30. FireXU were asked not told
  31. CoachWadeI was told to evict Hooper by X but I can’t do that sorry
  32. rozlynsaved honeybunch
  33. Galasaved honey
  34. thefox111saved honey
  35. TessaBrooksSaved lhooper
  36. FireXA white level has to have played a game or thier vote dont matter
  37. GLOGLOGLOsaved Logan
  38. adamslater19Saved Logan
  39. SaskiaRaeI love both but saved honey <3333
  40. Bvance1212Saved logan
  41. Cromatiquesaved someone
  42. LaFierceBrittany2Saved Honey
  43. Guigilh
  44. harrywasnaksaved honey
  45. JamesluSaved Logan.
  46. PoohSnapHoney and Logan have been nominated by their housemates for eviction. Vote for who you'd like to LEAVE this week!