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Dono's Survivor S7: Wuyishan [Reunion]

Topic » Dono's Survivor S7: Wuyishan..

460 days 20 hours ago
Much needs to be prepared before the season begins, but you can be sure that it will be a unique and entertaining experience for all who choose to participate.

The signature of the season will come in the form of how the players on the Edge will take their shot at returning. In addition, there will be a focus on giving players on the Edge something worthwhile to do while they are there. Not Fire Tokens, but something a little more even-keeled.
460 days 20 hours ago
Tris will specifically play the primary role in facilitating the Edge and communicating with its inhabitants. His role there will provide opportunity, education, and entertainment!
460 days 20 hours ago
Now the only other thing I have for you all is the confessionals bin. I definitely missed some, so I am sorry if there is one you wrote that is not in here. When I was real busy with work, this was what got put on the backburner in terms of things I needed to get done on a daily basis.

That being said, here it is. Navigate through each episode's confessionals with the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet. The stats page offers some calculations as to individual confessional counts.
460 days 20 hours ago
Oh and Season Rankings!

1. Aleutian Islands
2. Peru
3. Wuyishan
4. The Congo
5. Libya
6. Iceland
7. Haiti

Even though it was a struggle to get through, I really enjoyed hosting this season. It was a lot of fun, and it sits at #3 in my Season Rankings.
460 days 19 hours ago
*jetskis away into the horizon*
460 days 17 hours ago
Awwww thanks for Most Entertaining Award!!! And most importantly, thanks for not putting me not playing my idol as the worst move LOL

Congrats Sag, well deserved! Congrats Vincent and Alfie!!

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