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Jimbo's Survivor: Gilbert Islands Day 29

16 all-new players are coming to the Gilbert Islands to compete in season 8 of Jimbo's Survivor, featuring a dynamic twist. Will the players try to seize power and make themselves vulnerable? Will they play a more reserved game and have power at the end? Or will the players in danger make reckless moves to save themselves, and have to deal with the consequences? Will the power players be able to rationally strengthen themselves, or will they get cocky and make their fall? We'll find out once BvW ends, and we start season 8: JIMBO'S SURVIVOR: GILBERT ISLANDS: CREDIT LINE

The tribes are named after the island they'll be living on.

Stoidi Tribe:
Darcy (Boots22)
Austin (Webly)
Eric (ArcanineMaster)

16th. Carson (CarsonWorld) #Nikunau (5-2) Day 2
15th. Felix (CharlieBibi) #Beru (QUIT) Day 3
14th. Kiara (Kiara_xoxo) #Beru (10-0) Day 6
13th. Harry (harrywasnak) #Beru (8-0) Day 7
*Tribe Swap*
12th. Jake (tundrahenry101) #Beru #Nikunau (9-3-1) Day 10
11th. Kelly (Kelly0412) #Nikunau #Nikunau (4-2-2) Day 12
10th. Tico (Ticofernandez) #Nikunau #Beru (11-6-1) Day 14
9th. Nikki (Avatar20) #Beru #Nikunau (2-0) Day 16
8th. Leo (yinzer149) #Beru #Nikunau (0-all / 1-0) Day 18
7th. Nate (nt888) #Beru #Beru (1-0)  Day 20
6th. Brady (Bradyspaulding16) #Nikunau #Nikunau (3-3 / 3-1) Day 22
5th. Ryan (Typhlosion37) #Nikunau #Beru (2-1) Day 26
4th. Red (Redwing91) (17-12) Day 28

Idol Search:

Season 1: Seychelles: Daniel123456
Season 2: Pitcairn Islands: Happy202
Season 3: Canada: DryIceBros
Season 4: Machu Picchu: The Inca Empire: bigben1996
Season 5: Tristan da Cunha: Failures vs Favorites: Mearl
Season 6: Sierra Nevada: Snake
Season 7: Blood vs Water: Turney1805
Season 8: Gilbert Islands: Webly
Season 9: Navarre:

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