49288's top chef all-stars! (day 10)

the group will be using for all-stars top chef season 4!

Eddie (49288)

Eddie: (49288)
Andrew (turney1805)
Topher (topher)

week 1: 8 people!
quickfire winner: NickiMinaj (immunity)
high:  Realchance
low: leacroft, kelly_kelly (neither of them posted)
elimination winner: Jman96
high: Koolmanmadden and Tuninho
low: Leacroft, Kelly_Kelly
OUT: leacroft - dropped out! , kelly_kelly
Fan fave: Realchance

week 2: 6 people remain!
quickfire winner: NickiMinaj (immunity)
High: Jman96, Realchance
Low: Zed55, Koolmanmadden, Tuninho
elimination winner: Zed55
High: Jman96, Tuninho.
Low: Realchance
OUT: Koolmanmadden
Fan Fave: Jman96

week 3: 5 people remain
Immune: Realchance
quickfire winner:
elimination winner

week 4: 4 people remain (twist):
quickfire winner: ??
high: ???
Elimination Winner: ???
High- ??
Low- ??
Out- ??

Featured Players 5 playing

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As we enter the graveyard
1 postCreated by jman96 on 2387 days 14 hours ago
Last post by jman96
2387 days 14 hours ago
sorry guys :/
3 postsCreated by 49288 on 2554 days 13 hours ago
Last post by Realchance
2554 days 10 hours ago
Episode 3! holiday time (elimination)
13 postsCreated by 49288 on 2568 days 10 hours ago
Last post by jman96
2555 days 1 hour ago
Episode 3: Holiday Time! (quickfire)
14 postsCreated by 49288 on 2575 days 5 hours ago
Last post by jman96
2569 days 1 hour ago
Judges table!
18 postsCreated by 49288 on 2583 days 5 hours ago
Last post by 49288
2574 days 2 hours ago

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  2. Fan Favorite Week 2!2576 days 1 hour ago

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49288's top chef all-stars! (day 10)

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