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Final three! Vote to win!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



Final 3 UNNOMMED! I worked so hard this game! Almost EVERY nomination went the way that I wanted,I got the numbers,and then made it happen! So I worked very hard this game! Please vote for me so I can get that win! gl yuki and caliboy!




I played a great game to get to finals. I played Loyal and did not cross my alliance even though I could have easily. THis game I played Loyal and true to Myself as I am a lower star fighting to be a TV Star, I know this is only the Beggining <3 GL all



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  1. M2thamax<3 <3 <3
  2. M2thamaxWERK! ???
  3. remorawr2 winner of LLS is M2 :))
  4. yohan47013Me too!!!
  5. wowjjgrats... i wana be in season 3 XD
  6. wowjjso M2 won?
  7. SprocketWhen does the next stars start?
  8. manalordcongrats M2 you deserve is soo much
  9. M2thamaxTHANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! <3 <3 <3 <3
  10. AceSurvivor1 minute
  11. CromatiqueCaliboy!
  12. MTmanM2!
  13. M2thamaxLove you all! Thank you so much for any votes so far! <3
  14. remorawrYUKI!
  15. connorthomsonM2
  16. somedevil55Yuki!
  17. Zack2010Voted M2!! Good luck!
  18. ponste3mmmmmmmaxxxxx umhum
  19. Bryce333I wanted Captain in the finals... :( But voting M2!
  20. kelsieeeevoted max <333
  21. Darrel42max :)
  22. Dmpwb45MAX
  23. Chantra1CALIBOY FTW!
  24. HotFox1Cali
  25. bobbert1000@M2thamax
  26. bobbert1000@m2thamax
  27. ozmoPlease vote M2
  28. ZakAustinCaptain is gone! ;( voting for Cali! <3
  29. jacco@m2thamax
  30. yohan47013Caliboy for the win :)
  31. M2thamaxThank you everyone who has voted for me as well! I am defintly grateful for any votes! <3 you all!
  32. CaliboyThanks Everyone who voted for me <3 Much love for those who chooses to vote for me as well
  33. CaptainTangerinevoted for cali
  34. ScraftyM2 :)
  35. Pieguy555M2
  36. brosky17m2!
  37. sarge455cali
  38. 49288cali
  39. soccerbchriscali
  40. carlab1awwwww booms pic :(
  41. titan24maniacsounds like m2 really worked it haha
  42. flamingjoeCaliboy :)
  43. CaliboyPlease Clcik my button <3 Each person gets a air Kiss
  44. TheThomasm2
  45. curtisaCaliboy!
  46. ricktworick1Voted for Yuki!

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