Lower Level Stars

- It's just like normal stars, 16 players battling out for the title.

- Each poll will last 12 hours.

- I will give a 12 hour pre-poll period so you can talk, form alliances,etc before the game starts.

- In the event of a tie, the first person to mail me "Please save me" will be saved.

- Even if everyone doesn't give their noms in to me, I'll still put up a poll based on the votes i get in the 12 hour period.

- It will be a pick and choose way of deciding to who will be in stars, i will not to be biased but, will pick on likability and my view of your fame and status on tengaged. This will also be another factor in the picking. But if your new ill still take you into account, but it is stars so id like the field to be even and fair.

- Once you have played one stars you can't sign-up until another two have been played, so for example if you'd played Stars 1 you can't sign-up/play again until Stars 4. Except in the case of an All Stars type season.

- Oh and one other thing, you should the colour - white to silver. This will give lower levels a chance to show off their popularity and see what stars is all about, before they get a possible chance to go into the real thing. But unlike the real stars the times of when the game starts will vary, depending on sign-ups and when I'm on. Although if requested, maybe on "special" stars i will let one, two at the most gold and above levels, but for most, I'd like to keep it white to silver levels only.

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Lower Level Stars

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