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Who do you want to evict? (4th)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



Well, 5th time up here. I have been doing this too many times to stop at F4! Good luck nin and if I go, it was a blast! :D




After sending home one of my close friends, I must stay and show that I can survive. Even though I'm going against another good friend, I'm willing to fight and survive ^__^ Don't let me be Detox: give me my first rightful finale :D Gl eric #teamnintho



  1. JinxhEvicted nin
  2. Kelly2722Voted
  3. FRIZBYAwesome
  4. RealchanceNin Byee
  5. Kiara_xoxovoted
  6. OxygenVoted
  7. bigben1996Voted
  8. TimefliesVoted
  9. TimefliesVoted
  10. Vanilivoted someone
  11. Steven7Ninjohn, cause eric told me to
  12. mrcoolSavex Awwsum
  13. awwsum11Thanks to those who saved me! :D
  14. harrywasnakvoted
  15. Delphii_WytchSaved Awwsum :)
  16. LiukBBsaved awsum
  17. Arcaninemastersaved awsum
  18. EM002lol I love how Nin is taking this game so serious
  19. LockerAmiSaved the NINja
  20. nikw98saved ninjohn
  21. Amnesia_ plus this
  22. FedeBennasaved ninjohn
  23. Blake18Saved nin
  24. ninjohnThanks jourdan and simp ^__^
  25. JourdanBabyXoXosaved ninjohn
  26. Simpizzlesaved ninjohn
  27. ninjohnvoted ^__^ thanks alyssa/tet
  28. BigBrotherDonnySaved Eric
  29. AlyssaBSaved Ninjohn!!
  30. Tetsuyalame set. evicting awwsum.

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