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Hoping to get a group together that not only encourages others in the frat, but also outside of it :)

Looking to get a group of fun and happy people who want to make a difference and bring so light and joy.

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  1. gbpackXLVchampsstar me in you know you want to
  2. rohanprabhuwhy am i a aspirant i have the required votes lol
  3. Yunggunzkeep18Hey y’all, hoping I’m able to make it into this frat, as positivity is one of the main things I strive for while playing these games
  4. AnotherViceHi everyone! Would love to get all of ya'll. I've loved playing the games these week but I notice that sometimes things get personal and I don't particularly love that so I'd love to join you in hopefully bringing positivity
  5. rohanprabhuhey all my last frat was toxic so i left and looked for the frat that seemed nicest and here it is
  6. ClaireMelanconHello I am an aspirant. I love the concept of this group. I have a hard time understanding wanting to be mean to people and not contributing to the world in a positive way so I think I would be an awesome addition.
  7. AnotherViceHi everyone! Hope you’re having a nice day! :)
  8. Lynn12saw some lovely people in here thought id try to join y'all :)
  9. XxZaCxX save me
  10. MrkkWhy I Iost votes, just want to be a member
  11. Rivasc1988H Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good Sunday!
  12. doobeeI’m not trying to rob your seat I’m not a multi I’m old user who wants to come back
  13. doobeeLol I lost a star .-. Positive
  14. doobeecan I be stared in
  15. MrkkId like to join this group to keep my positivity after some bad events in life, thx

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9 nmh95, Sep 19, 2020

If you'd like the gay boys to save you, I will make you a sign this week


It's really painful to watch

1 Bogmire, Sep 19, 2020

that in no scenario for the next 4 weeks does fuckboy Cody get voted out...


Hi My Boy

1 nmh95, Sep 19, 2020



Love you all

0 scooby0000, Sep 19, 2020


me this week:

2 Bogmire, Sep 19, 2020


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