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Fraternity Charli's Angels

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  1. biminibonboulash*walks in*
  2. biminibonboulash*winks at Connor*
  3. biminibonboulash*walks out*
  4. peace123kiara bestie bestie
  5. Kiara_xoxoI love everyone here.
  6. Lex13579Some of you know me but this is Paige's sister just so you know who I am lol
  7. Lex13579Hi. Can I join your frat?
  8. ColinDress96Stars hufus dad in
  9. peace123eww
  10. Hufusi wanna win. i want that trophy.
  11. ColinDress96Im here to rat out your stars seat
  12. peace123Star colindress96 in shes kind of ratty but she has a good heart
  13. ColinDress96Omgg omfg omfg let me in
  14. Paige54I know the leader of the libz isn’t talking about bad frats....
  15. purplebb4hes so mad

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