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I need help...*Open Discussion*

20thMar 4, 2023 by ybbob
So should I tell her the Condom broke? I mean I always wanted to be a father, I guess the friction got the best of the cheap rubber hood.


uhhhh... tell her.. especially dont give her a child against her own will LOL
Sent by Lifeiscool,Mar 4, 2023
Lifeiscool I think that is also a great suggestion! Thank you!
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
You shouldn't tell and run away without warning like my father did
Sent by Pavaneli,Mar 4, 2023
Pavaneli Well I really do not need her to help raise my child, I would enjoy doing it all on my own I mean she is a Pentecostal, and I would rather my child be raised differently.
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
Ur response to that comment is crazy omg
Sent by peace123,Mar 4, 2023
peace123 which part was crazy?
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
So you want her to get pregnant and then you want her give up the child and not be in its life?
Sent by Cecilia581,Mar 4, 2023
Communication is key is all I am going to say.
Sent by Robbie626,Mar 4, 2023
Cecilia581 That would be perfect I am so glad you understand!
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
Robbie626 I agree if I just tell her she wont be a good mom maybe she will just have the baby and give it to me.
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
why are you even asking.. u cant just not tell her she could be pregnant thats messed up..
Sent by Kaveena232,Mar 4, 2023
Kaveena232 but it was an accident...
Sent by ybbob,Mar 4, 2023
Agreed! kaveena232 he needs to shut his white a55 up period. He is a literal r4pi5t… he broke his condom during intercourse because of his small pinky sized thing down there.. AND HIS IMMEDIATE THOGUHT WAS TO BLOG IT ON TENGAGED?? Get help asap.
Sent by Jmarissaxo,Mar 4, 2023
ybbob so? if it was an accident doesn't mean it's an excuse to withhold this information!!
Sent by Kaveena232,Mar 4, 2023
this is a stupid question lol like. so stupid. you can’t just not tell her
Sent by Times_Places,Mar 4, 2023
What the actual fuck
Sent by Lex13579,Mar 4, 2023
Kaveena232 It did not even happen, literally I am a comedian and felt like this was some funny shit.
Sent by ybbob,Mar 5, 2023

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