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Tag someone who does not sleep. Feb 22, 2024
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My identifiers are slut/whore Feb 13, 2024
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I was done wrong. Feb 9, 2024
I was not carried to a final five in Casting, they voted me out. I am in shock. We should all hate mail these groups of individuals and I am going to make voodoo dolls that I am working on right now. So when you start to feel back pain just know it is me jabbing you mother fuckers in the spine of you VOODOO DOLLS DAMN IT!

Thank you for the support of my friends and everyone else I appreciate it this lost really felt so personal to me.
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What happened to Mexash? Feb 8, 2024
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I am so fed up with Roblox! Jan 19, 2024
imageI did nothing wrong, and I got banned like wtf?

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Your shop is too expensive Jan 15, 2024
for cheap shit. MmabatlokoaMolefe
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