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*Legal Tengaged Information* Mar 17, 2021
Megan is the NICEST person on this website, and have you ever heard of mind your own business? Well, it is not her place to OUT any account, she does not have to speak on behalf of anyone. The funny thing is most of you have no idea how the law works. What was done is done, stop attacking a human for someone else “ALLEGED” accusations. Megan has the best heart here on this website and attacking her for someone else is not okay. I do not have much to do with this site no more because the users here have become volatile. Everyone needs to realize who we are as people and stop attacking people. People fight depression and other disorders on a daily and if Megan took her own life because the hateful cyber-bullying that has taken place I and her entire family and friends would be distraught.  I do know the law and I am in contact with a lawyer currently on getting this website shut down. So, I will pay all the money I have to that will shut down this website! Ban me, that will make things worse because I am standing up for a friend, something a lot of people on here do not do because they follow the popular crowd. I have sent all my evidence to my Lawyer and for one he is unpleased with how moderation of a website is familiarized with the community as they are, it is unprofessional and legal actions are currently being taken towards Tengaged. So, I suggest everyone to change how they run this website or prepare for the biggest law suit the website will ever face or in a month find a new website because I have control on the outcome of Tengaged. I know something how Federal Law works which after all my reading and gathering NO ONE here knows how federal LAWS work. Randomize will in the next few weeks be served by my lawyer if something does not change. If Randomize needs help, I will stand up and take a charge in assisting him on properly cleaning this website other then that I am suing the website for allowing Cyber-bullying, Child Pornography, and Sexual Child Harassment. I have contacted at least six old Tengagers who have sent me information to help with this case and three current Tengagers who has sent me information. All this will be taken into stipulation and I for one hope to see some types of changes to this website with the next month. If not, I am Federally getting this website shut down. My Lawyer has all our evidence, and I am given one month to make my decision to send all our evidence to the Supreme Court. Since Randomize is not an American and does not reside in America my Lawyer stated shutting this down will have to through his country but blocking this website from American browsers is plausible. So, I am giving one month before I send this off and just so everyone knows the Lawyer, I have has shut down other websites and will have no issue with this one.

Thank you all for your time.
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THE NEW TENGAGER..... Sep 17, 2020
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*GIVEAWAY ALERT* May 17, 2020

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#Fasting #Casting #Frookies #Rookies #Survivor #Stars
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Tea Dec 26, 2019
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Disney + Nov 17, 2019
Five Stars!
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Pornhub pays quite a bit Oct 8, 2019
Got that big bucks over one video!
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