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You can hate me vote May 28, 2024
But why knock my hustle?
Imma be the queen no matter how they shuffle
Points: 24 1 comments
The only bad thing May 26, 2024
About stars taking so long to fill is that the dc is so far past 6. I was ready for the tea
Points: 16 0 comments
Another question for the masc gays May 24, 2024
When jumping a car does it matter how long you’re charging the battery or is it all the same after it starts
Points: 17 2 comments
Stop sending messages asking me to hunt May 24, 2024
I will not hunt in a tribe that will clearly throw down some challenges to save their comrades on the other side and will consequently eliminate me. Ask whoever drank the water to hunt. Furthermore, when you have the opportunity, just write my name and everything will be resolved.
Points: 32 0 comments
Attention masc gays of tengaged May 23, 2024
If any of you even exist. My car is dead again after getting jump started 12 hours ago. Is it over for me?
Points: 25 3 comments
Could I revive tengaged? May 22, 2024
Points: 0 0 comments