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i forget Dec 10, 2023
about this site way too much for how much i use to be on it ngl.
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not me Nov 12, 2023
falling asleep in my car waiting for my mom to meet up with me to go in the store, she tapped on my window and said girl you need a coffee? lmfao i said yep. i鈥檝e been so tired and idk what to do, it鈥檚 not like i鈥檓 not sleeping. 馃槙

this was also at 5pm on a friday 馃槚
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beyond tired Nov 7, 2023
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fav song Oct 29, 2023
at the moment ?
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lol i quit my job Oct 21, 2023
of 6 years
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stared season Oct 13, 2023
5 of bb
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