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BB6 Mar 21, 2023
is pretty good tbh these season has me dying
Points: 46 3 comments
miss this place Mar 10, 2023
sometimes, but owning a home is busy work
Points: 40 4 comments
馃枻 Nov 4, 2022
Points: 34 2 comments
almost Oct 19, 2022
fully moved into my new house! have to work on getting my heat fixed, but trying to have someone come out today for that because oh my it鈥檚 cold ! still some unpacking to do but it feels so good to finally have my own place.
Points: 85 9 comments
i gotta Oct 11, 2022
get back into group games once i鈥檓 settled in my house , i miss them.
Points: 26 2 comments
move into Oct 10, 2022
my new house this week, im super excited! Finally, my own place life is finally looking up! <3
Points: 56 7 comments