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I'm writing this with

2ndApr 18, 2022 by vaultg1rl
a very heavy heart, i found out today that my father tried to kill himself last night, im the worst person in the world because he tried calling me but i was busy with Easter stuff and let the phone just ring knowing it was him saying i'll just call him tomorrow. Im broken, and don't think i will be in the right mind set for this site for a while, today i have to rush over to his restaurant where they found him and clean up the mess and cover for him for a while. This isn't a forever goodbye for me but for right now i need to go, i can't deal with the drama on this site at the moment and i wish everyone well, and to let you know to call your dad and tell him you love him because you never know when they will be fucking gone. ttyl


Omg, praying for you, that's horrifying (not your fault queen; we all go through mental health struggles).
Sent by TDFan99,Apr 18, 2022
aww im soo sorry im here if you need anything :( :'(
Sent by cantevendougie,Apr 18, 2022
Oh my gosh... i am so sorry to hear this. Im here to talk/vent
whenever. I love you destiney鉂わ笍

Take as much time as you need we will be here.

My heart is crushed for you. I wish your father well馃挃
Sent by Lifeiscool,Apr 18, 2022
I hope your family recovers 馃槩
Sent by ChaaChiing,Apr 18, 2022
Sounds like a very tough situation, I鈥檓 sorry you have to go through all of that with your family. Don鈥檛 be afraid to seek out professional help if theres a time where you ever need it for this situation! This sounds like a very traumatic thing for your entire family to deal with.
Sent by zachbbs,Apr 18, 2022
I am sorry to hear you gotta go through that I hope your dad is ok
Sent by Yandereboy12,Apr 18, 2022
Omg, queen. Sorry about what happened. Hope everything gets better <3
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Apr 18, 2022
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
Sent by DBonee,Apr 18, 2022
Omg destiny I'm so sorry. I hope he is okay! I hope YOU are okay. I'm sending you so much love rn 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
Sent by biminibonboulash,Apr 18, 2022
My gosh hun I cannot even begin to imagine what that may feel like and experience, take all the time you need and I鈥檒l be praying for you and your family 鉂わ笍 Lots of love for you hun
Sent by CarolinaSteele,Apr 18, 2022
I am so sorry dear. My thoughts are with you and your family <333
Sent by BigMamaT,Apr 18, 2022
I hope everything gets better I鈥檓 so sorry
Sent by austino15fffan,Apr 18, 2022
So sorry to hear this, take care lovely 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Sent by bbfanuk_reborn,Apr 18, 2022
best wishes to you, your family, and dad! be there for him. sending lots of love your way.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Apr 18, 2022
you are a queen dear. Hold your head high. You will get through this. Anything you need let me know! 鉂わ笍
Sent by Allison,Apr 18, 2022
I鈥檓 so sorry :(
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 18, 2022
not logging on much, but saw this and my heart goes out to you and your family. so sorry
Sent by samsam,Apr 18, 2022
OMG girlll we should chat more on Snapchat to check on each other!!
Sent by JoshBB1999,Apr 18, 2022
sending you good vibes :(
Sent by J2999,Apr 18, 2022
all love :( if you ever need to chat please reach out
Sent by MikeRORO,Apr 18, 2022
Wish you luck if that can help.
I've tried to kill myself before so I might know a thing or two about what your fathers going through, or maybe not at all.
Take time of tg 4 sure. Gl and we're here if you need us.
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 19, 2022
Omg I鈥檓 so sorry :( you鈥檙e in my thoughts that sounds so rough
I can鈥檛 even imagine what you could be going through :(
Sent by Thumper91,Apr 19, 2022
Thinking of you Vault 鉂わ笍 You are very strong. I hope you and your family are doing okay.
Sent by arskinsky78,May 1, 2022

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