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Let me tell you guys

Feb 7, 2018 by thewolfman
EXACTLY what happened between me and Niko. I doubt he wants me to say anything so I'm gonna spill all of the tea.

So, everything was just fine two days ago. Everything was normal and not a worry in the world when it came to our relationship.

As you may not know, I have PTSD and it started to act up really badly yesterday. It was to the point where I was having hallucinations. If you've never had those before, just let me tell you that they're not fun at all.

He started to act really weird to me. He started to seem very usually distant which just made it worse since abandonment triggers my PTSD even more. So I started to hallucinate for hours on end which isn't run at all.

While writing this I am shaking really bad for the record so blame that on any typos you see.

He started to ignore me completely even if I was just asking how his day was and not even talking about it.

Eventually I flipped on him. I told him if he was gonna ignore me I would ignore him today because I don't appreciate being ignored. Then he said (during a panic attack on my end) "give me a damn break."

Today I messaged him apologizing and trying to fix everything. Then he attacked me on a very personal level. It goes something like this.

"I had a great sleep and a great life. I didn't want any negativity. Then you came in and ruined that"

I threatened to dump him after that. I mean who would stay with someone after being attacked on such a personal level like that? Then he said "that's probably best"

By the way, I'm still gonna go to the UK to see him but on his end it won't be a pleasant experience like it was supposed to be, just saying.


If you think I said I had a great life, you are lying my friend..

I had a great sleep and had a good day so far, woke up in a fine mood, and then you popped up and ruined that..
Sent by NikoTime,Feb 7, 2018
Niko just shut up
Sent by scooby0000,Feb 7, 2018
Scooby0000 Nah, I have a right to stand up against a falsehood..

Go ride wwemrpeeps's dick and butt the fuck out
Sent by NikoTime,Feb 7, 2018
your relationships are dumb why would you have an online relationship its stupid as fuck jussayin
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 7, 2018
Can you fuck off for once in your life pls?
Sent by scooby0000,Feb 7, 2018
scooby0000 I'm the one who needs to fuck off??

Lol, Scooby, learn what the deal is, and butt the fuck out of business that aint yours..
Sent by NikoTime,Feb 7, 2018
Better that than being a dick to people for attention
Sent by scooby0000,Feb 7, 2018
hope youre okay
Sent by tyleror,Feb 7, 2018
scooby0000 I'm a realist.. I'm a dick because its the realistic thing to do, regardless what people think
Sent by NikoTime,Feb 7, 2018
Dude Niko is not your fucking stuffed animal you need to find real life friends dude <33
Sent by Arizona_,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by TaraG,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge,Feb 7, 2018

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