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The challenge: iconic duos applicationsvote Jan 18, 2018

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Updatedvote Jan 18, 2018
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Still actively updatingvote Jan 18, 2018
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PYN for an opinionvote Jan 18, 2018
Brutally honest

KateN7766 you seem really nice and we should get to know eachother. Let me ask you a question though. How exactly am I an icon? When you were signing up for the duel you called me an icon

shellbelle You're such a nice person and thank you for cheering me up that one time I was down <3

GoodKaren I have no idea how someone can possibly be so nice and possibly be so obsessed with cats

BengalBoy you're very popular and surely an icon but honestly I have no idea why. I mean you are a nice person but how does somebody become so popular? You'll have to teach me a thing or two haha

scooby0000 I have no idea why you're so hated on this site because you're really such a nice person. I honestly just don't get it

Amnesia_ We really need to talk more. You randomly stopped responding to me last time and idk why :(

BrainJak I don't actually know you but I see that you're #2 on my boyfriend's friends list so you must be a nice person

Thekingsniffer You're a homie. You stay loyal and you're real. What better can I ask for other than the fact that we only ever talk in frookies?

AlanDuncan You sound familiar I just don't know from where

LuckyLefty Oh god where do I start with this one? Honestly I'm done with the drama between us. I have no clue who used the multi's but it wasn't me who used them. Anyways just like you wished me I wish you nothing but the best

Darbe Sorry I just don't know you and I don't recognize your name. Maybe hmu?

melindaMrskk You're that chick that cheated on my current boyfriend aren't you?

Willdabeast22 You're a cool guy just don't know you very well

C00LDUDE1000 You're definitely a cool dude with a bad frat. I'm sorry I just don't understand why multi's and trolls are let into the frat

Obstreperous Nice guy, good friend, but we don't talk at all unfortunately

Maddog16 we don't talk at all anymore but you're a really nice person
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Vote for the winner ( stars)vote Jan 18, 2018
iichaoskimmy vs. Amnesia_ vs. CalebDaBoss
Polls close at 8 PM EST. Good luck!
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daily remindervote Jan 18, 2018
CalebDaBoss is the sweetest boyfriend a guy can ask for
Points: 31 5 comments