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Who was the person Jun 27, 2018
that got nommed for 16th and 15th in Stars?
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sponsor me in hg for a gift May 28, 2018
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Account under new ownership Mar 21, 2018
Hey guys, it's Gunther speaking. I'm giving this account to a friend of mine as I do not want it anymore. Joining this site has to be one of the WORST mistakes I have ever made as it has damaged my mental health beyond belief. Yes I have made great friends but because of events  I have lost most of those and honestly I do not want to be on this site anymore. I can confirm that I will NOT be back on this site on a new account (at least for a long while) and have no interest in taking my account back. The new owner of this account can do whatever he wants with it, I just want it out of my possession. I will be cutting some people off for fair warning but they already know who they are as they are toxic to me and I really want nothing to do with them. I have said I was quitting this site many times before but this time I swear I am not EVER coming back to this site. You can still contact me through the following social media's and messaging services:

Skype: tengagedwolfman (most active on here)
Snapchat: tg_gkg0718
Instagram: everybodyhatesgunther

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Starving myself Mar 20, 2018
Until I fucking die I don't give a shit anymore don't fucking talk to me don't bother tying to stop me don't bother coming to me and trying to "save me" don't bother with fucking anything i don't give a shit anymore
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Vote to evict (15th) Mar 20, 2018
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Do I join hunger again? Mar 20, 2018
I joined yesterday and sucked. Do I try again?
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