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how many idols are in play this season? Dec 14, 2015
not how many were found but how many were hidden? or planned to be hidden, if they were suppose to be hidden if the clue was found

1 at Bayon
1 at ta keo
1 at ankor
1 at the tree that was hanging down from it
1 underneith the shelter

5 idols so far? or am i missing some?
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Really the played the song Dec 9, 2015
To the breakfast club at he end of scream queens
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Abi's Dec 2, 2015
Got no sympathy at all lol
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Damn I feel bad for Joe Dec 2, 2015
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anyone gonna post nial hair for cheap? Nov 20, 2015
please. i need new hair
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survivor Nov 19, 2015
anyone else getting the feeling that they are setting Jeremy up to fail with 2 idols? kinda like how they did with james from china?

and also has anyone else ever had 2 idols at one time besides james and jeremy?

ik Parvati did for like a couple hours at tribal but, what i mean is has anyone earned two idols like james and jeremy?


edit- totally forgot about malcom
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