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what the fuck is your problem Nov 15, 2015

i dont even know you  so shut the fuck up
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what if the finals is a 3 way tie :O Nov 15, 2015
yea ik it would only add up to 99.9 but it happens sometimes! that would be crazy af
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does anyone know Nov 15, 2015
what the closest final stars poll is? cause if the poll box is an indication of the results this time, it will be pretty damn fucking close lmao
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lets guess my % in stars!!! Nov 14, 2015
this should be interesting hehe :/

btw josh is MURDERING me in the poll rn, so yea

imma guess 59%
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omg Nov 13, 2015
that stars day change was stressful
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nommed for 7th in stars Nov 12, 2015
goodluck joe Theeclipse

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